How many board feet in 6' by5'?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Board feet can be determined when you have 3 dimensions for the board, but not with just two.

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Q: How many board feet in 6' by5'?
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How many board feet are in a 1x6x12?


How many board feet in 2x2x12?


How many lin ft in a 1in x6 in -12 ft?

linear feet is exactly what it sounds like... the length of the board, 12 feet. board feet is based on a board 1x12 by I ft, so this would be 6 board feet because it is 1/2 the with for calculating board feet.

How many square feet in a board 6 inch wide by 16 feet long?

8 square feet.

What is 6 plus 15 divided by5 equals?


How many square feet of paper are needed to cover a bulletin board that is 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide?


How many square to a case of board and batten siding?

It depends on the exposure. If you are lapping each board 1 1/4" you have a 6" exposure. This would give 6 square feet coverage per board, and would take 17 boards to cover 100 square eet (1 square) Exposure (in feet) * Length = Square foot of coverage per board 1 square = 100 square feet

How wide is a 2 x 6 board?

If the longest side of 6 feet, and the narrowest side is 2 feet, then the area is 6 x 2 = 12 square feet.

What is conversion board feet to square feet or square feet to board feet?

you can't straight convert a linear measure to an area measure... missing info. If the board is 12" wide, then the ratio is one to one. if the board is 6" wide, the linear footage needed would be double. It's a simple ratio. width of board in inches/12 * length in feet = square feet. length in feet = square feet * 12 / width

How many board feet are in a 6X6X10' oak beam?

Answer: 30 bfExplanation: 1 bf = 12"x12"x1" OR 144 cubic inches OR 144 in3The oak beam = 6"x6"x10' OR 6"x6"x120" OR 4320 in3Therefore, to divide the beam up in to board feet (bf):4320 in3 / 144in3 = 30 bf

A board measures 6 inches wide by 2 feet long what is the volume of tis board in inches?

you will need the board's thickness to answer this question.

What is squared in algebra?

squared is when you multiply a number by itself... 6 squared is 6 X 6 = a 6 foot long board which is 6 feet wide is 36 square feet.