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Q: How many bricks will be required in a cubic meter of bricks work with FPS bricks of class designation 75 in super structure above plinth level?
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What is the definition of plinth beam?

plinth beam is a part of a structure can transfer loads to the adjacent columns

Why do you need plinth protection?

in short: plinth is base of structure. it transmit weight of structure to the soil. many times plinth have to deal with external agencies like water,roots of trees,termites, etc this can affects the life of plinth and makes it weaker so its essential to protect plinth from such agencies..therefore PLINTH PROTECTION is necessary.. ......................... abhishek 9404547373

Difference between plinth area and builtup area?

Plinth area is the area at which a given structure rests while the built up area includes the structure as well as the land.

How do you use the word plinth in a sentence?

plinth= base. The statue was erected on a concrete plinth.

What is plinth in civil engineering?

plinth defination

What is a pedestal base called?

The answer is a plinth block, or a plinth.

Is plinth wall a load bearing wall?

define plinth wall

What is plinth height?

A Plinth is a course of stones forming a base in a continuous foundation … the base course. The plinth height would be the height of that course.

Where to use plinth block?

A plinth is the base for a column, statue, bust, and so forth.

What is the definition of plinth area and carpet area?

It is the covered area of the building measured at plinth level/floor level by taking external dimensions. Plinth offsets,courtyards

What is plinth area estimate?

plinth area is when measuring a building. it is a stage during the procurement of a project

What rhymes with plinth?


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