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I usually do 400 but that makes my legs hurt

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Q: How many calf raises should a person be able to do in five minutes?
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How long does the average person runs a 1 mile?

Any reasonably fit person should be able to run a mile in 12 minutes (which would be 5 miles per hour). The average runner -- someone who runs at least a few times a week -- should be able to run a mile in 10 minutes or less (6 mph or faster).

Is a 9 minute mile good time for a person that exercises but doesn't run regularly?

I would think that is a reasonable start. Fast walking should produce a mile in 15 minutes. The nine minutes should be able to be improved on though.

How many sit ups should a fifteen year old be able to do in two minutes?

a fifteen year old should be able to do atleast 110 sit ups in two minutes.

On average how far should a 15 year old female row in 30 minutes at rate 20 on a rowing machine?

It all depends on the person. There is no "should" amount of how far someone should be able to row.

How fast should a 23 year old man run a mile?

A 23-year old man should be able to run a mile is about 8 minutes. Most people should be able to walk a mile in about 20 minutes.

How can a person tell if he or she is physically fit?

Try jogging up/down the stairs and if your out of breath then your probably out of shape. Maybe ask your doctor. you should be able to walk around a quarter mile track in 5 minutes, you should able to walk up up 10 flights of stairs in five minutes. If you can walk up 10 flights of stairs in 5 minutes you are in good shape.

How many should you should be able to complete cycles of child CPR in about 2 minutes?


How Much Should a person be able to lift?

This depends on the person each person has different limits

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They shoudn't be able to wiretap unless the person is a criminal

How do you perform your responsibilities?

A person should be able to perform their responsibilities honestly. They should also be able to work quickly and accurately.

How far is Times Square from grand central walking?

0.7 MILES or roughly 10 blocks, a normally fit person should be able to do this in 15 minutes. Thanks to Google maps.

How long do you have to wait to get your ASVAB score?

Usually the person watching you while you take the test won't give you your score but your recruiter should be able to find out within minutes of finishing the test.

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