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100 centilitres = 1 litre, 10 litres = 1 dekalitre, so 1000.

Milli/centi/deci are fractions, deka/hecto/kilo are multiples.

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Q: How many centiliters are in a dekaliter?
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1 dekaliter equals how many liters?

1 dekaliter equals to 10 liters

How many kiloliters in a dekaliter?


How much is a dekaliter?

your mom is a dekaliter

How many centiliters are there in 1 kiloliter?

10000 centiliters

How many centiliters in 3 hecktoliters?

30,000 centiliters

How many centiliters are in 0.856 liters?

0.0856 centiliters

How many centiliters are in a decilter?

10 centiliters in a decilliter.

How many centiliters equal 85000 liters?

8,500,000 centiliters.* There are 100 centiliters per liter.

What is a volume that is .01 the volume of a dekaliter?

A dekaliter is 10 liters, so a volume .01 of a dekaliter is 1 deciliter (0.1 liter).

How many times greater is a dekaliter than a centiliter?


How many liters in a dekaliter?

1 L = 10 deciliters

How many centiliters are in 3liters?

3 liters = 300 centiliters.