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one dollar is 100 cents, so 4 dollars=4X100=400 cents.

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Q: How many cents are in four dollars?
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Four dollars equals how many pennies?

400 cents (pennies) = 4 dollars

How do you write 4 cents in a dollars?

$.04 is four cents.

How do you fifty cents make two dollars?

Four fifty cents make two dollars.

How many pennies would equal ten million seven hundred thirty-seven thousand four hundred eighteen dollars and twenty-four cents?

Multiply the dollars by 100, then add the cents.

How many dollars and cents are there in 643 cents?

6 dollars and 43 cents

How many cents and dollars in 1746 cents?

There are $17.46 dollars in 1746 cents.

How do you spell 29 dollars and 4 cents?

The currency value is $29.04 or "twenty-nine dollars and four cents."

What does four dollars and 6 cents mutipy 42 equal?

4 dollars & 6 cents = $4.06 4.06 x 42 = 170.52 Therefore four dollars and 6 cents multiplied by 42 is one hundred and seventy dollars and 52 cents.

How do you write 4.29 cents in word form?

Four dollars and twenty-nine cents. For a check it is written as: Four and 29/100 dollars

How to spell 74 dollars AND 90 cents?

The correct way to write this alphabetically would be seventy four dollars and ninety cents.Some example sentences are:I have seventy four dollars and ninety cents in my purse.Seventy four dollars and ninety cents is a bit too much for a bowl of ice cream.The shopping came to a total of seventy four dollars and ninety cents.

How many dollars in 2726 cents?

there are 27 dollars and 26 cents

How many dollars in 3500 cents?

3500 cents is 35 dollars.

How many dollars 502 cents?

5 dollars, 2 cents.

How many dollars in 313 cents?

Three dollars and thirteen cents

How many dollars is 249 cents?

2 dollars and 49 cents.

How many dollars make 47 cents?

0.47 dollars in 47 cents Answer: 0.47

How do you spell 74.94 dollars?

The currency amount $74.94 is "seventy-four dollars and ninety-four cents."

How many Dollars are in 330 cents?

There are 100 cents in one dollar. 330 cents is 3 dollars, with a remainder of 30 cents. Call it 3.3 dollars.

How many dimes and nickels are in four dollars and 95 cents?

First subtract the dollars, then get rid of the quarters. This leaves two dimes.

How many US forever stamps can I get with four dollars?

Eight, at 47 cents each

How many dollars are there in 7225 cents?

7225 cents is 72 dollars with 25 cents left over.

How many dollars does 1825 cents equal?

18 Dollars and 25 cents.

How many dollars is 1 million cents?

1,000,000 cents = 10,000 dollars

How many cents is 79 dollars?

79 dollars equal to 7900 cents!

What is four percent of twenty dollars?

80 cents