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25 cents !

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Q: How many cents equals a quarter dollar?
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Related questions

How many cents make a quarter?

25 cents equals one quarter.

How many pennies are in eight quarters?

200. A quarter (quarter dollar) is 25 cents, 25/100 of a dollar. Eight quarters equals 2 dollars = 200 cents = 200 pennies.

How many cents in one dollar?

4 quarters which equals 100 cents; 100 cents=1 dollar

How many cents plus quarters make a dollar?

3 quarter and 25 cents

How many 5 five cents in quarter dollar?


How many one cents make quarter dollar?


How many cents equals to a dollar?

one hundred

How many cents equals one dollar?

one hundred (100) cents equal one (1) dollar.

A dollar equals how many five cents?

20 times 5 cents = $1

How many US cents is equal to one dollar?

One hundred US cents equals one US dollar.

36 cents equals how many hundredths of dollars?

1 cent is 1 hundredth of a dollar so 36 cents are 36 hundredths of a dollar.

How many cents in a quarter?

25 cents are in one quarter.

How many rupees equals to 0.079 cents?

1 dollar is of aprox 50 rupees so 0.79 cents is 0.395rs

How many grams is a quarter?

A United States tendered quarter weigh approximately 5.67 grams. The quarter is worth 1/4 of a US dollar or $0.25 cents.

How many US dollars equals one Russian dollar?

Only about three cents.

How many cents equals rupees?

43 rupees equal 1 dollar 43 rupees equal 1 dollar

How many quarters are in a dollar?

Four quarters because one quarter equals 25 cents.25+25+25+25=100 and 25+25=50 so 50+50=100 4 quarters equal a dollar.

1 USD equals how many cents?

One United States Dollar is equal to one hundred (100) cents. Other smaller denominations include a penny being equal to one (1) cent, a nickel is equal to five (5) cents, a dime is equal to ten (10) cents, a quarter being equal to twenty five (25) cents and a half-dollar being equal to fifty (50) cents.

How many cents is a quarter?

25 cents

What is ratio to nickels to quarters in a dollar?

A dollar is 100 cents, a quarter is 25 cents, and a nickel is 5 cents. Thus a dollar is composed of 4 (100/25) quarters, or 20 (100/5) nickels. Therefore there are 5 times as many nickels in a dollar as there are quarters. Another way to look at it is to say that there are 5 nickels in a quarter, so there are 5 times as many nickels as quarters in any amount.

How many cents to a dollar?

100 cents makes a dollar

How many cents in 1 dollar?

There are 100 cents in a dollar.

How many cents are in three quarters?

Each Quarter is ¼ of a Dollar or 25 Cents SO ...3 x 25 = 75 Cents.

How many cents make 1 Canadian dollar?

.935 as of today in USA (Sept. 20, 2009) Or 100 Canadian cents equals 1 Canadian dollar.

77000 pennies equals how many dollars and cents?

100 pennies = one dollar 77000 pennies = $770 and no cents