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You seem to be unaware of the fact that you could have obtained the answer much more easily and quickly by using the calculator that comes as part of your computer.

The answer is 49.67p but if you need to ask this question, chances are that you've been ripped off and got a lot less.

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Assuming the currency is Sterling, GBP49.67

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Q: How many change from a fifty after spending 17p and 16p?
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How much change do you get from 50p after spending 17p and 16p?

50 - 33 = 17

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it's 16p.

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The answer is 16p

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16p (at my shop)

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Collecting like terms on each side, this means that 16p + 6 = 14 Therefore, 16p = 8 Therefore, p = 8/16 = 0.5.

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to get 1/4 of something, divide by 4. to get 1/2, divide by 2. 1/4 of 16 is 4, 1/2 is 8, difference is 4p

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It is 820p2 - 4p - 32.

What is 3.5 meters at 16p per m?

for 1m cost is 16 p for 3.5 m ,cost will be 3.5 * 16 = 56 p

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13 + 16 = 29 40 - 29 = 11 therefore 11 is require to make 40p

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I think there is 13 26p 1n 21p 2n 16p 3n 11p 4n 6p 5n 1p 1d 16p 2d 6p 1q 1p 1d 1n 11p 1d 2n 6p 1d 3n 1p 2d 1n 1p Had to come up with this for my son's 2nd grade class.

Give me a Hint of 2 deposited amount by paypal in bank for confirmation of it?

They're usually very small amounts. I'm in the UK - when I created my Paypal account way back in 2009, they deposited 16p and 10p into my bank account to verify its existence.

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How many ways can you make 51 cents in change without using a half-dollar?

There are 49 different ways to make 51cents without using a half-dollar.2q, 1p1q, 2d, 1n, 1p1q, 2d, 6p1q, 1d, 3n, 1p1q, 1d, 2n, 6p1q, 1d, 1n, 11p1q, 1d, 16p1q, 5n, 1p1q, 4n, 6p1q, 3n, 11p1q, 2n, 16p1q, 1n, 21p1q, 26p5d, 1p4d, 2n, 1p4d, 1n, 6p4d, 11p3d, 4n, 1p3d, 3n, 6p3d, 2n, 11p3d, 1n, 16p3d, 21p2d, 6n, 1p2d, 5n, 6p2d, 4n, 11p2d, 3n, 15p2d, 2n, 21p2d, 1n, 26p2d, 31p1d, 8n, 1p1d, 7n, 6p1d, 6n, 11p1d, 5n, 16p,1d, 4n, 21p1d, 3n, 26p1d, 2n, 31p1d, 1n, 36p1d, 41p10n, 1p9n, 6p8n, 11p7n, 16p6n, 21p5n, 26p4n, 31p3n, 36p2n, 41p1n, 46p51p

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