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approximately 1.28 cm.

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Q: How many cm is half inch?
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Related questions

How many cm is in 8 half inch?

20 and a half cm.

How many cm in half inch?

1/2 inch is 1.27 cm

How many centimetre there are in half an inch?

there are 1.27 cm in half an inch 1.27cm

How many cm is a half inch?

0.5" = 1.3 cm

How many centimeters is in one-half inch?

1/2 inch is 1.27 cm

How many inches in 1.27 cm?

2.5 centemeters is an inch so that would be about half an inch.

Is a half of centimeter one quarter of an inch?

No. one inch is 2.54 cm. Half a cm is very close to 1/5th of an inch.

Which is biggest one half inch or 1.3 centimeters?

An inch is about 2.54 cm, so a half inch is about 1.27 cm. So 1.3 cm is just a little bit bigger.

What does 1.2 cm look like?

If you are accustomed to inches, this is about half an inch; an inch has 2.54 cm.

Is half an inch on a ruler equal to 1 centimeter?

No. 1 cm is 0.39 inches. One half inch is 1.27 cm.

How many centimeters are in half of a yard?

There are 2.54 cm in one inch and there are 18 inches in half a yard so there are 2.54 times 18 = 45.72 cm in half a yard.

What is the meaning of onehalf inch?

One half inch is half of one inch (½ inch) - approximately 1.27 cmThis should not be confused with one and a half inch which is 1½ inches - approx 3.8 cm

Half inches equal to how many cms?

Inch and centimeter are both linear units of measurement. They are used to measure small distance. The conversion is done by multiplying the inch measurement by 2.54. The above unit in inches equals 1.27 cm (Approximately).

Is a centimeter half of a inch?

No, it is less than half an inch. 1'' = 2.54 cm, so 1/2'' = 1/2 x 2.54 cm = 1.27 cm

How much is 1 and a half inch in cm?

3.81 cm

How many cubic centimeters per inch for 0.5 inch tubing?

Assuming you are dealing with half inch id tubing it is 13.17 cubic cm per inch.

How many cm in a inch and a half?

11/2 inches is equal to 3.81 centimetres.

How many meter are in a half an inch?

1/2 inch is equal to 0.0127 meters.1/2 inch * (2.54 cm/1 inch) * (1 meter/100 cm) = 0.0127 mA potentially more useful answer might be:1/2 inch = 1.27 cm1/2 inch * (2.54 cm/1 inch) = 1.27 cm

How big is 5 cm?

5 cm is about 1 inch and a half

Is a centimeter or half inch larger?

A half inch is larger than a centimeter. An inch is about 2.54 centimeters, so 0.5 in = 1.27 cm.

Convert to centimetres 5 feet and half an inch?

5 feet and half an inch equates to 153.67 cm

How much is an inch and a half?

3 cm

How many cm is a inch?

2.5 cm are in an inch.

What is inch how many cm?

An inch is about 2.54 cm

How much centimeters in one half inch?

0.5 inch = 1.27 cm.