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Q: How many combinations are there for the last four digits of a phone number if the number must be unique?
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How many combinations are there for a phone number with out area code?

It depends first and foremost on how many digits in a phone number, but also on restrictions for various digit combinations. In the United States, the first digit of a 7-digit local phone number cannot be 0 or 1, and the first three digits cannot be certain reserved combinations like 411, 911, or 950. The result is that there are a bit less than 8 million possible phone numbers per area code.

Is it possible to block every number in your phone after a certain time?

yes. assuming 15 digits per phone number, including area code and international, there would be 1000000000000000 combinations of the digits 0-9. This does not account for short numbers, like 911, but there are a finite number of these as well

How many digits does a phone number have?

The number of digits in a phone number depends on the county of the number itself. For instance, in the United States, there are typically 10 digits for a number, whether it has an area code or is toll free.

Can a phone number have 12 digits?


How many digits are in the New Zealand mobile phone number have?

It can change with a higher demand for a mobile phone. The phone company has to keep coming up with more number combinations to allow more people to buy sim cards for phones . My first mobile number only had 8 numbers. But my new number has 11 :)

How many digits in an Egyptian phone number?


How many digits in a phone number from India?


How many digits in a Swiss phone number?


Are there 7 digits in a phone number?

Actually, no In some countries, there are 8 digits in a phone number, such like Australia. In others, there could be 4. Such as the country of Niue!

How do you unlock a phone?

You can just type in the 4 last digits of the phone number.

What is the acces dial to call to Mexico DF?

+52 55 (Phone Number, 8 digits) or +52 1 55 (Cell Phone Number, 8 digits)

What do the second three digits mean in a phone number?

The second three digits in a phone number refer to an exchange. An exchange includes several thousand people or phones.

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