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4 x 4 x 4 = 64 :)

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Q: How many combinations are there with three slots and four numbers?
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What are the combinations of 1 through 10 with out using them twice?

There is 1 combination of all ten numbers, 10 combinations of one number and of nine numbers, 45 combinations of two or eight numbers, 120 combinations of three or seven numbers, 210 combinations of four or six numbers and 252 combinations of five numbers. That is 1023 = 210 - 1 in total.

What are the odds of getting a sum divisible by three by rolling 2 dice?

If you have 12 possible numbers with multiple combinations then you should start out with making all the possible combinations; you will find theyre 20. Theyre four numbers out of the twleve that can be divisible by three; 3, 6, 9, and 12. There are 7 combinations where the combinations can equal those four numbers. So the odds of getting a sum divisible by three is 7/20.

How many combinations for four numbers using four numbers?


How many different combinations given four numbers?

How many numbers are there are in each combination ?If one, then 4 combinations.If two, then 6 combinations.If three, then 4 combinations.If four, then only 1 combination.

How many combinations of four digits can be made from 1-44?


How many four digit combinations are there for the numbers 1-6?


How many four number combinations are there in ten numbers?

shut up guys

If you flip a coin 2 times how many possible outcomes are there How many combinations?

Four outcomes, three combinations.

What 4 numbers add to 15?


Can you give me three four digit combinations?

1234, 1235 and 1236.

How many combinations of four digits can be made from the numbers 1-9?


Four chips labeled 1 to 4 are placed in a hat Denise randomly selects three chips from the hat How many combinations of numbers are possible for Denise to select?