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An infinite number of combinations of fractions can be aded together to equal three fourths.

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Q: How many combinations of fractions can you add together to equal three fourths?
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Are the fractions three fourths and two thirds equal?


How do you make a fraction into a number?

Fractions are numbers. Sometimes they can be simplified, for example, eight fourths is equal to two.

What is equal to five fourths?

1.25 is equal to five fourths.

What is equal to 3 fourths?

3 fourths is equal to 9/12

What is equal to eight fourths?

2. Also an endless number of fractions. 6/3, 200/100, 32/16, etc.

How do you make one and one-fourths equal to in improper fraction?

one and one-fourths is equal to five-fourths

What does 3 three 4ths equal?

what does three three fourths equal? what does three three fourths equal?

Three fourths equal what in ml?

But three fourths of what?

Does Two thirds equal three fourths?

No, two thirds does not equal three fourths.

Does 4 equal parts equal fourths or quarters?

Four equal parts equals both fourths and quarters.

What three number combinations when added together equal 24?

7 + 8 + 9

Are three-fourths and five-sixths equivalent fractions?

No 3/4 equals .75 5/6 equals .8333... .75 does not equal .83

How many twenty fourths would three fourths equal?

Eighteen twenty-fourths.

Three fourths is equal to what decimal?

Three fourths, or 3/4, is equal to .75 (75%)

What does three fourths of three fourths equal?


What percent does three fourths equal?

Three fourths is 75%

What percent is equal to three-fourths?

three fourths = 75%

What two fractions added together equal nine?

9/2 + 9/2

What does three fourths plus nine tenths equal?

It is easier to add two fractions together if you convertb them to the same values. You can convert both of these fractions to 20ths quite easily. 3/4 is equal to 15/20ths and 9/10ths is equal to 18/20ths, Simply add them together to find 15/20 + 19/20 = 34/20 now reduce this to a proper fraction... 1 and 14/20ths which can be simplfied to 1 and 7/10ths.

What are fractions that are equal to three fourths?

There are a lot: 3/4 6/8 9/12 12/16 15/20 ... You can probably see the pattern.

How do you know when two fractions are equal?

If the denominators (bottom numbers) are not equal, making equivalent fractions of them so that the denominators are equal. With the denominators equal if the numerators (top numbers) are equal, then the fractions are equal.

What are equal fractions called?

equivalent fractions

Does one fourth equal one half?

No, two one-fourths (two-fourths) equal one half.

Will two one fourths of salt equal one eighth?

Two one-fourths is equal to one-half.

Is two and three fourths equal to eleven twelfths?

No. Two and three fourths is equal to thirty-two twelfths.