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I found and linked below a website that has information on many, but not all, network topologies.

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Q: How many computers can be connected on various network topologies?
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How are computers connected?

Computers are connected via Internet,which is commmonly known as network of networks. In History,computers were connected via telnet and various other technologies. But Internet has become popular in very short time.

Define the concept network topologies?

The various devise in anetwork can be linked in several ways: Sar, bus or Ring

Which layer of the OSI model that performs data compression?

A network consists of multiple computers communicating with one another over a shared network medium. Topology refers to the shape of a network, or the network's layout. In this unit, you have learnt about the various topologies and its structure. The OSI model is a seven-layer model for communications and computer network protocol design. In this unit, you have learnt about the OSI model and the functions of the various layers.

B Describe the various network architectures available?

If you are referring to topologies, then the architectures are: bus ring star mesh hybrid

What has the author E Carrapatoso written?

E. Carrapatoso has written: 'Traffic analysis for various metropolitan area network topologies'

What are the computer network?

Computer network : A collection of computing devices that are connected in various ways in order to communicate and share resource. Usually, the connections between computers in a network are made using physical wires or cables.

Various components which make up a LAN?

2 or more network components(routers, computers, printers and anything else that can be connected to eachother.) and network cables. (Kan be wireless aswell.) The various components are: computer systems transmission media network interfaces protocols

How do you connect two computers so that they can share information?

Two individual computers can be connected through various methods to share information. The most simple way would be using an ethernet or firewire cable and browsing for network computers or drives. Another way would be to connect them using a router in a network.

How do you install a simple network in a business?

To set up a simple network, buy a router (wired or wireless). Connect the various computers you wish to be in the network to the router. You may also wish to turn on various services on the computers like file and printer sharing.

What hardware is needed for a network?

For the most basic type of network between two computers, all that is needed is an Ethernet cord. For a network of more than two computers, an Ethernet hub and several Ethernet cords are required. For a network that shares a highspeed internet connection, a modem needs to be connected to a router via Ethernet and then Ethernet cords can be used to connect various comptuers to the router. Alternatively, if the computers involved support WiFi, a wireless router can be used.

Which network topology is considered a passive topology because its nodes do nothing to help the data move through the network?

A network topology is the organization of networking devices of a computer on a geographical basis. In essence, the different points/nodes in which various computers are connected or linked together constitute a topology. Several computers are being connected to a certain link. There exists more than one link and they form a topology for more information visit our website: The assignment helpline

What is Topology Explain various types of topologies in computer?

tropology is enterconnection with the computer

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