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It has 4 corners and 4 sides because it is a quadrilateral polygon

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Q: How many corners a parallelogram have?
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How many corners does parallelogram have?

A parallelogram has 4 corners or vertices

How many corners does a parallelogram have?


How many corners does a parallelogram?


How many corners does a parallelogram have then a circle?


How many corners does a trapezium have?

Four. Examples are parallelogram, rectangle, square etc

How many acute angles are there in a parallelagram?

A parallelogram has 0 or 2 acute angles. If the parallelogram happens to have four right-angled corners, it is still a parallelogram (and a rectangle), but no acute angles.

What does a parallelogram need to be a rectangle?

90 degree corners.

What is a parallelogram with 4 square corners?

A rectangle.

Does a parallelogram have square corners?

Not always. Like a rhombus.

Do all rectangles have 4 corners?

no because it is a Parallelogram^That is quite an incorrect answer. Rectangles are parallelograms, but a parallelogram may not be a rectangle.All rectangles have 4 corners.Besides the point, to the original answerer, all parallelograms also have 4 corners...

What shapes has 2 pairs of parallel sides and no square corners?

A parallelogram has 2 pairs of parallel sides, and provided that it isn't a square, it has no square corners. If necessary, you could call it an "oblique parallelogram" to indicate that it isn't square.

How many parallel and perpendicular lines are in a parallelogram?

A parallelogram has 2 pairs of parallel lines and in the form of a rectangle it has 2 pairs of parallel lines and 4 perpendicular lines that meet at each of its corners at right angles.