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The problem that you describe requires one more piece of information in order to be solvable, which is, to what depth do you intend to cover those 288 quare feet?

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Q: How many cubic feel do you need to cover 288 square feet?
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How much area does 1 cubic yard of pea gravel cover at 6 inches deep?

1 cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. At a six inch depth 1 cubic foot will cover 2 square feet, so 27 cubic feet will cover 54 square feet.

How many square feet will one cubic yard of stone cover?

1 cubic yard covers 27/depth in feet square feet.

How many cubic feet do I need to cover 21000 square feet?

It depends how thin the cubic feet are. If they are 1 foot thick: 21,000 cubic feet. If they are 3 feet thick: 63,000 cubic feet will cover 21,000 square feet.

How many feet will 3 cu feet cover?

it will cover 3 cubic feet, or 9 feet, I am not sure how many square feet

How many cubic yards of soil to a depth of 1 inch are needed to cover 2000 square feet?

Here's the formula: 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard. 1 cubic yard will cover 324 square feet at a depth of 1 inch. 2000 square feet divided by 324 square feet = 6.2 yards (rounded). Another approach: 7 cubic yard X 324 square feet = 2268 square feet of coverage at a depth of 1 inch.

How much sand to cover 1200 square feet 2 inches deep?

200 cubic feet or 7.4 cubic yards

How much area does a bag of scotts lawn soil cover?

A 1 cubic foot bag will cover 12 square feet at a depth of 1" A 1.5 cubic foot bag will cover 18 square feet at a depth of 1"

How many square feet will 12 cubic yards of gravel cover at two inch thickness?

744 Square Feet

How much cememnt is needed to cover 400 square feet three inches deep?

3 inches = .25 feet400 square feet X .25 feet = 100 cubic feet100 cubic feet / 27 cubic feet per cubic yard = 3.7 yards

How many cubic yards of mulch 2 deep will you need for an area 271 square feet?

One cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 160 square feet at 2" deep, so you would need approximately two cubic yards of mulch to cover 271 square feet at 2" deep.

How do you calculate how much dirt you need to fill a hole?

CONVERSION CHART1 Cubic yard 1 inch deep will cover 324 Square feet1 Cubic yard 2 inch deep will cover 162 Square feet1 Cubic yard 3 inch deep will cover 108 Square feet1 Cubic yard 4 inch deep will cover 81 Square feet1 Cubic yard 5 inch deep will cover 64 Square feet1 Cubic yard 6 inch deep will cover 54 Square feet(Length in Feet)( Width in Feet)*(Depth in Feet)=cubic feetExample: Say you have an area that is 12' x 18 '. You want to cover it with 6" of material.Multiply, 12' x 18' x *.5' to get 108 cubic feet. You see, 6" is .5 feet or 1/2 a foot.Now, devide 108 cubic feet by 27 cubic feet(1 yard) to get your total yardage at 4 yards.If you want a 3" cover you use 1/4' or .25'. A four inch cover is 1/3 foot or .33', etc.OR ---- Multiply your square footage by .003 for 1" coverage.0061 for a 2" coverage .0092 for a 3" coverage and.0123 for a 4" coverage. It takes 12.3 cubic yards of top soil to cover 1,000 square feet at 4". Hope this helps. ----

How many cubic feet to cover 800 square feet at three quarters inches inches deep?

800 square feet x 1/12 x 3/4 = 50 cubic feet.