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27 cu. ft. = 1 cu. yd.

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Q: How many cubic feet can fit in one cubic yard?
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How many hockey pucks can fit in a cubic yard?

5182 hockey pucks will fit into a cubic yard.

How many 7 cubic feet can fit into a 80 cubic yard box?

First, let's start by converting yards into feet. There are 3 feet in 1 yard, so 80 cubic yards is then equal to 240 cubic feet. We get this by multiplying 80 by 3. Now that we have equal units, we can find how many 7 cubic feet go into an 80 cubic yard box by doing 240 cubic feet divided by 7 cubic feet, and the answer we get is a decimal: 34.2857143. If we are going to round, we must round down if it is a matter of fitting into a box because if there is more than the decimal answer that we got, not all of it will be able to fit. Therefore, items of 7 cubic feet can fit into an 80 cubic yard box 34 times.

How many cubic feet fit in a 20x8x8 storage?

1,280 cubic feet.

How many cinder blocks will fit in a cubic yard?


How many gallons can you fit in 1733 cubic feet?

12,960 US gallons will 'fit' in 1,733 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet make a yard?

an infinite ammount? cubic implies a spatial volume, and a "regular" yard is a length unit, and since a volume is 3d and a length 1d, it doesn't fit, or you could fit an infinite ammount of lines into a cube

How many square feet are in 60 cubic feet?

infinitely many, because a square feet is a surface and a cubic feet a volume. since a surface has no volume you can fit infinitly many in a cubic feet.

How many cords of wood could you fit in a room that is 8 yards long 8 yards wide and 5 yards high?

A cord of wood occupies a volume of 128 cubic feet.[1] Step 1: The volume of the room is:LxWxH = (8 yards)(8 yards)(5 yards) = 320 cubic yards------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2] Step 2: Converting that into feet where 3 feet = 1 yard, you get the following:(3 feet)^3 = (1 yard)^327 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard(320 cubic yards)(27 cubic feet / 1 cubic yard) = 8640 cubic feet.------------------------------------------------------------------------------[3] Step 3: Now you just divide:8640 cubic feet of space / 128 cubic feet of wood = 67.5 cords!!

How do you calculate how many soccer ball will fit into a room?

Find out how many cubic feet the room is and how many cubic feet the soccerball is and divide

How many tennis balls will fit in a room with length of 24 feet width of 30 feet and height of 9 feet if 192 tennis balls fit in 3 feet cubed?

The room is 6480 cubic feet. If 192 tennis balls fit in (3 feet) cubed, that's 27 cubic feet and 46,080 tennis balls fit in 6480 cubic feet.

What can you fit into a cubic yard?

You can fit a cubic yard of a fluid. For solid materials, the answer will depend on the shape of the cubic yard.Provided the shape is convex, you will be able to fit at least one very thin item of length 1.24 yards.

How many gals of propane can fit in one cubic feet?


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