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Just multiply length x width x height.

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Q: How many cubic feet or water can a rectangle swimming pool hold if its 60 feet long 40 feet wide and 8 feet high?
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Diameter is 12 feet and height is 3 feet what is the total volume in cubic feet of water in the swimming pool?

339.12 cubic feet or 2536.7938 gallons

How many cubic feet of water are needed to fill a swimming pool 24 feet long and 15 feet wide to a depth of 5 feet?

That is 1,800 cubic ft.

How would you find the mass of water in a swimming pool?

You would measure the swimming pools length, width and depth to determine how many cubic feet of water is in the swimming pool. Length x Width x depth = cubic feet. Then measure the mass of 1 cubic foot of water by building a box 1'x1'x1'. Once you know the mass of 1 cubic foot of water - you'll know the mass of the water in the swimming pool.

A swimming pool is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide how many cubic feet of water will be needed to fill the pool to a depth of 8 feet?

60x30x8=14400 cubic feet

How many cubic feet are in an olympic swimming pool?

Approx 88287 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet are in a 17000 gallon swimming pool?

2,272.6 cubic feet.

What is formula to convert feet to cubic feet for a rectangle?

Couple of problems there . . . 1). 'Feet' describe a length, whereas 'cubic feet' describe a volume. So they can't be converted. 2). A rectangle has no volume, since it's a plane (2-D) figure. Much like the question, a rectangle doesn't hold water.

How much water in a swimming pool 18 feet by 30 feet?

What's the depth? This is essential to find cubic feet. Depth x width x length = ? Cubic Feer

Cubic feet of a rectangle?

What is the Cubic ft of this rectangle 14' lg x 2' ht x 4"

How many gallons of water would it take to fill a 12' x 40' rectangle lap pool that is 4 feet deep?

4 X 12 X 40 = 1920 cubic feet of water. 1 cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallons. 1920 cubic feet of water = 14,362.5 gallons

How many cubic feet of water in 16 x 32 feet swimming pool?

Not possible to say without any information about the depth.

Will 100 square feet of paint cover a rectangle that is 40 cubic feet?

Square feet is a measure of area. You do not get paint by the area - you get it in a volume - a litre, or quart or whatever. The container will give a meausre of the covergae which will depend on the surface being painted - its porosity, prior traetment, etc. Furthermore, a rectangle is an area. A rectangle can be measured in square feet but never in cubic feet. A rectangle measuring 40 cubic feet cannot exist!

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