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5 gallons = 0.02476 cubic yards (rounded)

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Q: How many cubic yards in a 5 gal bucket?
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How many cubic yards in a 5 gal pail?

5 US gallons is about 0.025 (0.0247556584) cubic yards.

How many cubic meter in one bucket?

It depends on the bucket. The typical large bucket like from Home Depot is 5 gallons. 1 cubic meter = 264.17205 gal. or 1 gal. = 0.003785412 m^3 so 5 gal = 0.01892706 m^3 {cubic meters}

How many five gal bucket in 11.2 cubic yard?

90.5 (rounded)

How many cubic feet in 5 gal bucket?

0.6684 cubic feet = five U.S. gallons

How many cubic feet in 15 gal bucket?

15 US gallons is two (2.00521) cubic feet.

How many 565 cubic in gal?

how many cubic inches are 10 gal are

Cubic feet in five gallon bucket?

5 gal(US liquid) = 0.668 cubic feet (or 2 / 3rds of one)

How many cubic yards in 28000 gal?

V = ( 28000 gal ) ( 1.0 cu ft / 7.4805 gal ) ( 1 cu yd / 27 cu ft ) V = 138.6 cu yd <----------------------------

If I have a bucket of water that holds 4 gallons of water and another bucket that holds 7 gallons of water. The buckets have no markings. How can I go to the well and bring back exactly 5 gallons?

Fill the 4 gal bucket and empty it into the 7 gal bucket. Fill the 4 gal bucket and then fill the 7 gal bucket from the 4 gal. This leaves 1 Gallon in the 4 gallon bucket. Empty the 7 gallon bucket and pour the gallon from the 4 gal lbucket into it. Fill the 4 gal bucket and pour it into the 7 gal bucket. You then have 5 gallons in the 7 gallon bucket.

How many buckets equals a cubic yard?

You did not mention what size bucket, so I will convert gallons to cu. yards. 1 gal(US Liq) = 0.004951 yd³ So 202- 1 gallon buckets or about 50-5 gallon buckets= 1 cu yard.

How many cubic feet are in a gal?

1 gallon = 0.13368 cubic foot (rounded)

An empy bucket holds 56 pintes how many gallons are in it?

7 gal

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