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That would be 15 days to work 120 hours. 15x8=120

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Q: How many days is 120 hours if you only worked 8 hours a day?
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How many hours a day do they work?

If you are under the age of 18 you are only allowed (legally) to work 5 hours a day.

What is a salary worker?

A salaried worker gets paid the same wage every pay day no matter how many hours worked as opposed to an hourly worker who gets paid only for the hours worked (and gets paid overtime rates if they work more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week) or a piecework worker who gets paid per finished piece they make of acceptable quality no matter how many hours worked.

How many days are required to crack CAT exam?

not days buddy only 3 hours

Do you get paid for hours marked on schedule?

No, only get paid for hours worked.

How many hours of sleep does one get in 180 days if they only sleep 7 hours a day?

1,260 hours in total.

How many hours does one have to work to get paid vacation?

it could not only be hours it could just be howl ong you have worked there ex: 1 year

Did Shakespeare work?

Yes, he worked as an actor and a playwright.

Can employer change hours worked on timesheet and paycheck?

That should read "can employer CHANGE hours worked on timesheet and paycheck? My husband's employer goes in the computer system and changes my husband's hours to reflect 40 hours worked though he has worked many more hours than 40 each week. His paycheck also reflects that he just worked 40 hours. If your husband is on salary, then he is paid only for 40 hours. If he is hourly, then he should be paid for the hours he works. Of course, if overtime is against policy, then your husband should leave work after 40 hours.

If it is only have 8 more days until the New Year how many hours is that?


How many days does it take to walk to the moon- in hours?

actually, only 2 hours:D

How many years does 3200 hours equal out to be?

It is 133 days and 8 hours, so only about 4 and a half months.

Are there 90 days in 1416 hours?

There are 90 days in 1416 hours if and only if 90 days =< 1416 hours. 1416 hours * 1 day/24 hours = 59 days but 90 days > 59 days, so there are not 90 days in 1416 hours.