How many days make a year in Neptune?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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165 days makes a year on Neptune.

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Q: How many days make a year in Neptune?
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How many days make up one year on Neptune in earth years?

a lot! it takes about 10,980 earth days to make up a year for neptune to go around the sun and back!

How many days pass on neptune in a year?

there are 60,190 days.

What is the number of days in a year for neptune?

Neptune has 60,190 number of days in a year.

How many days in Neptunes year?

I'm not sure how many days in one of Neptune years but one of Neptune's days is 16 hours and 7 minutes long. And one year is 165 earth years so 365 x 165 = 60225 earth days in one Neptune year.

How many earth days does Neptune have in one year?


How many earth years equals one Neptune year?

60225 earth days = one year on Neptune

How many earth days are there Neptune 1 year?

One orbit for Neptune takes nearly 165 Earth years (164.79 years). This is approximately 60,190 Earth days. But a day (complete rotation) for Neptune is much shorter than Earth's, about 16 Earth hours. So there are about 89,666 "Neptune days" in a "Neptune year".

Neptune length of year in earth days?

A year on Neptune takes 164.8 Earth years

How many days weeks and months on neptune to travel around the sun?

Neptune takes about 165 Earth years to orbit the Sun. That's one Neptune "year" of course. Neptune's "day" is about 16 hours and 6 minutes ( 16.1 hours). That's the time it takes to spin on its axis once. From that you can work out how many Neptune days the orbit takes, if you want. I make it to be about 89838 "Neptune days". You can say Neptune "year" and Neptune "day", but the terms "week" and "month" are normally only used for planet Earth. Also when I've used "hour" in this answer I mean an Earth hour. This is normal in books on astronomy.

What is the length of year on Neptune in earth days?

The rotation of the planet Neptune is much faster than Earth's. It completes a rotational "day" in about 16 Earth hours. So in an Earth year (365.25 Earth days), Neptune completes about 544 Neptune days. In a Neptune year, there are about 89,666 Neptune days.

How many earth days does Neptune have?

If your asking how long the day is, then it is 16.11hr., if your asking the length of the year, then 60190 days.

How long is a year and day in neptune?

it is about 60,225 days for a year.