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None but the diagonals intersect at 90 degrees

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Q: How many diagonals which are equal does a kite have?
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Are the diagonals of a kite equal?

No, the diagonals are not equal.

Are the diagonals on a kite equal?


What quadrilateral with perpendicular but not equal diagonals?

One answer is a kite.

Are the diagonals of a kite equal in length?

From Wikipedia: '...a kite, or deltoid, is a quadrilateral with two disjoint pairs of congruent adjacent sides, in contrast to a parallelogram, where the congruent sides are opposite.' In other words, a kite consists of two isosceles triangles joined at the base. Beginning with a particular isosceles triangle, it will always be possible to construct from it one kite that has equal diagonals (given that the kite may be either convex or concave). Hence an infinite number of kites do have equal diagonals, but many do not. A notable example of a kite that does have equal diagonals is a square.

What is a quadrilateral with equal diagonals and no right angles?

A Rhombus * * * * * WRONG! A rhombus does not have equal diagonals. If it did it would be a square! The shape is a special case of a kite.

Which type of quadilateral has diagonals which are not equal?

Parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus and a kite are some of them Note that a square and a rectangle have diagonals of equal lengths

How many diagonals does a kite have?

A kite has two diagonals. To see a drawing that makes it perfectly clear, use the link below.A 4 sided quadrilateral kite has 2 diagonals

Are the diagonals of a kite axes of symetry?

Yes 1 of the diagonals of a kite is symmetrical

What quadrilateral that has no right angles but does have diagonals that are equal and cross over at right angles?


What quadrilateral has perpendicular diagonals that have 2 pairs of equal sides?

A kite fits this description.

What shape has 2 pairs of adjacent sides which are equal and its diagonals cross at 90 degrees but are not equal?

A kite

What are the lengths of the diagonals of a kite with and area of 400 square meters?

A Hexagonal Kite can be deduced to a rectangle of an area equal to 0.75 Kite diagonals * sqrt (3/4) Kite diagonals = 400 square meters. Therefore, diagonal = sqrt ( 400 / ( 3/4 * sqrt(3/4) ) ) meters =~ 24.816 meters

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