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There are infinite diameters in a circle all of the same lengths.

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Q: How many diameters can be drawn for any circle?
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How many chords can be a diameter?

There are an infinite number of diameters to any circle...

Can you have two diameters in a circle?

Any chord that goes through the center of the circle is a diameter.You can draw an infinite number of diameters in any circle.In one circle, all of the diameters have the same length.

In any circle it takes how many diameters to equal the circumference?

Pi (3.1415)

How many centimeters are in 5 diameters?

A diameter is the size of a circle from edge to edge when measuring through the centre. Consequently, as a circle can be any size, there can be any number of centimetres in the diameter..

How many tangents can be drawn to a circle containing a point outside the circle?

Any tangent must contain a point outside the circle. So the answer to the question, as stated, is infinitely many. However, if the question was how many tangents to a circle can be drawn from a point outside the circle, the answer is two.

How is a diameter worked out?

A circle has an infinite number if diameters, but they are all the same length. The length of the diameter of a circle is the length of the longest straight line that can be drawn completely inside the circle. If the center of the circle is marked, then it's easy to draw a line that is a diameter ... it's any line that passes through the center of the circle.

What is the cord of a circle?

A cord of a circle is any line segment connecting any two unique points on the curve. Any cord drawn through the center of the circle will be a diameter of the circle. These cords will be the longest cords that can be drawn, and any one of them can bisect the circle into two identical parts.

How many diameters can be made in a circle?

Infinitely many. Each point on the circumference of a semicircle can be one end of a diameter and there are infinitely many points in a line segment of any length.

Is a circle a symmetry?

A circle has symmetry about any line drawn through its center. Your answer is, "yes".

If Twelve points are drawn on a circle How many different line segments can be drawn between any two points?

66 ( 12 nCr 2 )

Do all diameters pass through the center of a circle?

Yes. In geometry, a diameter of a Circleis any straight Line_segmentthat passes through the center of the circle and whose endpoints are on the circle.

Can a circle be drawn with any center and any radius?

The center of a circle is the same for all circles but the length of the radius can change

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