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Soccer has two types of cards, yellow and red. Yellow cards are used to caution a player for a major breach of the rules, called "misconduct". A second yellow card, as well as several egregious forms of misconduct, warrant a red card, which indicates that the player is sent off and can no longer play in that game or remain in the vicinity of the pitch.

Some similar games (which do not follow the IFAB Laws of the Game) can employ blue, green, black, white, or even so-called "soft red" cards to mean various things, but they aren't part of the soccer / football that most of the world plays.

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There are no blue cards.

A yellow card is a caution. Depending on the competition, there is a limit to how many a player can accumulate before being banned for one match. If a player gets two yellow cards in one match, he automatically receives a red card.

A red card results in the immediate expulsion of the player from the playing ground (he is not permitted to remain in the bench, he must leave to the dressing room) and an automatic single match ban, which may be reviewed for more match bans depending on the severity of the rule breaking leading to the red card.

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Q: How many different cards are there in soccer?
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