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13!/[(4!)(3!)(6!)] = 60060

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Q: How many different combinations can you have to eat for lunch if you have 4 entrees 3 vegetables and 6 sides?
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What are some entrees that start with W?

A wiener is an entree at the lunch meal. A western omelet is an entree at breakfast or lunch.

"Where's a good place to go for lunch in Charleston, WV"?

the Blossom Deli is a great lunch destination. They have a great Reuben sandwich. The Tidewater Grill is a great lunch place. They have a good selection from sandwiches to lunch entrees.

Olive Garden?

$2 OFF any two Paninis served with unlimited soup, salad & breadsticks!

The ways of classifying food menu?

Appetizers, entrees, desserts, kids menu, drinks (virgin/alcoholic) breakfast, lunch, dinner

Is school lunch really healthy?

It depends on what you eat for a school lunch. If your lunch is packed yes if not then no. It can be healthy if you eat fruits and vegetables at school lunch.

What should i have for lunch?

Lunch should be hygienic, must Include vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Source -

What is lunch like at school in France?

Lunch is to be taken seated. There is usually a hors d'oeuvres of vegetables, a main meal with some meat or fish with a serving of vegetables, rice, fries, or pasta, then a yogurt or another dessert.

Are ihop coupons available for all meals?

Yes they do offer coupons on their lunch and dinner entrees. Sometimes they offer a percentage off coupon so if you get one it can be used at any meal.

How many different lunch combinations can be made from 2 sandwich choices 3 side items and 3 drinks if you choose one sandwich from each?

2 x 3 x 3 = 18

How many combinations of different lunch will there be if there are 2 types of sandwiches 3 kinds of juice and 3 flavors of ice cream?

18. i figure that out in about 25 seconds so y do u need to put it on wikianswers?

What did the ancient egyptians eat for lunch?

lots of fruits and vegetables and boiled fish

What food do Afghans eat for Lunch?

Afghans eat a variety of foods for lunch. Popular foods are rice with meat and vegetables. Foods are eaten with bread.

What food does Applebee's offer?

Applebees offers healthy food: lunch combos, entrees & main dishes, appetizers, freshburgers and sandwishes, salads, weight watchers, under 550 calories and beverages.

What are the uses of fruit and vegatables?

Fruits and vegetables can be used in many different foods. They can be used in different soups, drinks, and can be used as side dishes. For example in the morning you can have a waffle with some strawberries and blueberries. As a snack you can have a fruit smoothie. Or for lunch or dinner you can have a vegetable soup.

What would a rich victorian eat?

breakfast would be a section of different foods lunch would be a hot meal potato,vegetables and meat tea would be tea,sandwich and small cakes Dinner would be a hot meal like lunch but smaller

How can you obtain 2 and 5 serves of fruit and vegetables everyday?

When you eat pizza you can add fresh vegetables, when you eat lunch eat some fruit, have a smoothie with fruit at breakfast and eat more meats you can have vegetables with. Also stews and curries can have lots of vegetables in.

The school cafeteria offers a choice of three different sandwiches four kinds of salad and five different desserts how many different lunches can be ordered if each lunch consists of one of each?

To answer a question like this, just multiply all options. Just like this: 3*4*5. So that would equal 60 combinations of lunches.

What items are on the menu at The Wolseley restaurant?

Located in London, The Wolseley restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as tea all day long. Some of the notable items on its menu include porridge and eggs benedict at breakfast, various salads, plats, and sandwiches for lunch, and entrees like salt beef and carrots and pork belly for dinner.

What are some meal plans for an effective diet?

There are many different meal plans that you can choose from. You can eat a bowl of Special K for breakfast, a fruit for a snack, a cottage cheese and fruit plate for lunch, and a chicken breast and vegetables for dinner.

Is school lunch healthy?

It depends on what the school lunch is. If it's vegetables, meat and .... let's say pasta then that is healthy. Maybe do some research on healthy foods and suggest some to the lunch staff to create healthier (But Nice) school lunches =D

What are some vegetarian lunch ideas for children?

They eat pastas or like a salad anyhting really that relates to vegetables

Staples are foods which provide?

...the ability to add proteins, vegetables, and fruit to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

How do you put alternatively in a sentence?

She could serve fruit platters for lunch; or, alternatively, she might provide only vegetables.

How do you say chicken with vegetables and potatoes?

In rural America, that would be... Lunch!Potatoes ARE vegetables.