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Assuming that you wear one of each every time (including a tie!), and that there are 3 pairs of boots, there are 4*3*2*3 = 72 combinations.

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Q: How many different combinations of outfits with 4 shirts 3 pants 2 ties and 3 boots?
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24 is the answer

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3 x 4 x 3 = 36

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t1 s1 b1 t1 s1 b2 t1 s2 b1 t1 s2 b2 t2 s1 b1 t2 s1 b2 t2 s2 b1 t2 s2 b2 t3 s1 b1 t3 s1 b2 t3 s2 b1 t3 s2 b2 TOTAL 12 combinations OR 2(3 x 2) = 12

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