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3 x 4 x 3 = 36

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2011-01-10 17:39:57
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Q: Has 3 pairs of trousers 4 shirts and 3 pairs of boots How many different outfits can he wear?
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What did early settlers in Australia wear?

Shirts, trousers, boots, hats, dresses and shoes.

How many combinations of outfits can you make with 4 pairs of pant 8 pairs of boots and 6 shirts?

24 is the answer

What were the most popular brands of clothing in 1967?

thigh high skirts,leather boots,paisley shirts,and velvet trousers

What clothes did free settler in Australia in 1800 wear?

Trousers, shirts, jackets, dresses, socks, shoes, boots, hats, underwear.

How many different combinations of outfits with 4 shirts 3 pants 2 ties and 3 boots?

Assuming that you wear one of each every time (including a tie!), and that there are 3 pairs of boots, there are 4*3*2*3 = 72 combinations.

What kind of clothing does Berghaus Fleece sell?

Berghaus offer a wide range of clothing, not just fleeces. Other items include: rain jackets, cargo trousers, shirts, shorts, t-shirts,walking boots and shoes.

What is the purpose of the military blousing strap?

"Blousing the boots" or "Blousing the trousers" means to make the trousers appear to be tucked into your boots. Instead of actually tucking in the trouser bottoms into the boots you simply take the elastic straps and wrap them around the ankles and tuck the trouser bottoms into the straps. Now it appears that the trousers are tucked into the boots.

How many outfits can 3 boots and 4 hats?

With every one of the three types of boots, you can wear any one of the four hats, so you have four choices of hat three times. Four lots of three makes twelve outfits all different.

What did bushrangers were?

usally they had beards and old boots, thick t's and trousers.

What do metalheads wear?

Black T-shirts with bands logo, long hair, black nail pollish, torn jeans or leather trousers, spikes, black combat boots, black rubber bangles and silver bangles

What did cheerleading outfits look like in 1898?

mini skirts and high boots

What color cowboy boots go with a lot of outfits?

Black or snake skin...

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