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They can be: 1 by 81, 3 by 27 and 9 by 9 as integers in cm

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Q: How many different rectangles having an area of 81 square centimeters can you draw if the length and width have an integral value?
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no some rectangles cannot be similar. a rectangle is a shape with 2 = sides and then 2 more different = sides. it is impossible because if 2 rectangles were similar than that would not be a rectangle. similar means having corresponding sides no it is not possible

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Rectangles are not squares. The reason to this is because squares must have sides of equal lengths. Rectangles are quadrilaterals with sides that join to make 90 degree angles, but are not restricted to having the same length. Therefore "all squares are rectangles", but rectangles cannot be squares.

Is All quadrilaterals are rectangles?

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How many rectangles each having a perimeter of 36 cm can be drawn?

Depends what you are drawing on.

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They are all polygons having their own particular properties

What can you measure with centimeters?

Anything having length.

What type of triangle is it whose sides are 2 centimeters 3 centimeters and 4 centimeters?

It is a scalene triangle having 3 unequal sides

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a prism.

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A geometric shape (paralellogram) having four right angles. Oddly, the word rectangle comes from the Latin rectangulum, meaning a triangle having a right angle.

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