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30, its a combination. C(6,3) because there are six vertices of a hexagon and three vertices of a triangle

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Q: How many different triangles can be formed using three vertices of a hexagon as vertices of a triangle?
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How many triangle fit in a hexagon?

That would depend on which hexagon and what triangles. A small hexagon might not have room for any large triangles. A large hexagon will have room fro many small triangles.If you have a regular hexagon and connect the vertices you will have drawn six equilateral triangles

What shape does 6 triangles make?

pentagon i think?

How are a triangle and a hexagon alike?

Well, a hexagon is made of six equilateral triangles.

Does a triangle and hexagon have vertices?

Yes 3 and 6 respectively

What is purpose of triangle?

A triangle forms other polygons as for instance there are 4 triangles in an hexagon and 8 triangles in a decagon

Can a triangle and a trapezoid make a hexagon?

How can a you make a hexagon using a trapozid and 2 triangles

How many triangles are formed by the diagonals from six vertices of a hexagon?

The three major diagonals in an ordinary hexagon do not intersect at the same point. Therefore, in such a hexagon, the diagonals form 111 triangles.

How many triangles are in hexagon?

If you want a triangle per each side of a regular hexagon, the answer is 6.

How many triangle are in a hexagon?

the amount of times a triangle can go into a hexagon is six timestotal number of possible triangles = 22feel the love :)Another Answer:-Extending from one vertex there are 4 triangles in a hexagon because there are 180 degrees in a triangle and 4*180 equals 720 degrees which is the sum of the angles in an hexagon.

How do you solve the side of a hexagon?

A regular hexagon can be divided into 6 equilateral triangles by drawing diagonals between opposite vertices, if that helps.

How many triangles can be made inside a hexagon?

More than 35 triangles can possibly be made in a triangle..!

How many triangles in a regular hexagon with its vertices connected so as to form the star of David?


How many triangles are in a hexagon?

I believe 6, but that may not be right.the amount of times a triangle can go into a hexagon is six timestotal number of possible triangles = 22

how to make a regular hexagon out of 6 equilateral triangles?

Put one angle of each triangle at the center of the hexagon.

What is the sum of the angle measures in a regular hexagon?

A hexagon has 6 triangles inside of it. If one triangle equals 180 degrees and there are 6 triangles. 180 degrees *6 triangles=1080 degrees.

What makes a hexagon and rectangle different?

a hexagon has 6 vertices and 6 sides while a rectangle has 4 vertices and 4 sides.

How many different triangles can be drawn in a hexagon?

An infinite number. Having drawn a triangle, it can be converted into two triangles by simply adding a line from any vertex to any point on the opposite side. That increases the number of triangles by one. Repeat with another triangle. And again ...

What shape is a quarter of a hexagon?

The fraction โ€œfour-sixthsโ€ would mean โ€œfour triangles,โ€ because one-sixth of the hexagon is a triangle.

Which figure has more vertices hexagon or square?

A hexagon has more vertices.

What is the name of a 6 sided triangle?

All triangles have 3 sides but an hexagon has 6 sides

What is the mixed number for a hexagon and a triangle?

Hexagons and triangles are plane polygonal shapes. There is no mixed number for them.

How many triangles hexagon have?

A 6 sided hexagon has 4 triangles

How many triangles fit in a hexagon?

6 triangles fit in a hexagon

How many sides and vertices does hexagon have?

A hexagon has 6 sides and 6 vertices.

Area of the hexagon?

The area will depend on the shape of the hexagon. You may have to divide it up into triangles, calculate the area of each triangle and then sum the answers.