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Q: How many different ways can you make 50 sense using only nickels dimes and quarters?
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What did you do your two nickels make?

10 sense

How many nickels equal 95?

5 nickels is a quarter. 15 nickels is 75 cents. Four more nickels makes it to 95 cents, for a total of 19 nickels. That makes sense, because 20 nickels would be a dollar, and you are only one nickel short of that.

By the end of the 1-day drive the youth had collected 48.15 If there were four times as many dimes as nickels how many of each type of coin was collected?


How many dimes are in a foot?

The question does not make sense. Dimes are a denomination of coins; a foot is a US measurement of length. Please rephrase it and post a new question.

A dollar was changed into 16 coins consisting of just nickels an dimes. how many coins of each kind were in the change?

This is an algebra problem that requires two equations to be solved simultaneously. The two key pieces of information are that there are 16 coins and that they add to 1 dollar. For the first equation, let's suppose we have X nickels and Y dimes. Therefore we may say: X + Y = 16 For the second equation we apply what we know about the values of nickels and dimes. A nickel is worth 5 cents. So the value of X number of nickels is 5*(X). The value of Y dimes is 10*(Y). Notice that the units of this value is in cents. Our given information says dollar, so it now makes sense to think of this dollar as 100 cents to match our equation. Now we may say: 5X + 10Y = 100 These two equations can be solved simultaneously by add/subtracting them or solving for a variable and substituting. I think add/subtracting is cooler but everyone knows substitution: Rearrange X+Y=16 to X=16-Y Then substitute for X in the other equation: 5(16-Y)+10Y=100 Distribute, group terms, subtract, and divide both sides: (80-5Y)+10Y=100 80+5Y=100 5Y=20 Y=4 Therefore we have 4 dimes, or 40 cents. The total is a dollar so we must have 60 cents in nickels. The only way to have that is with 12 coins. These numbers make sense: they total 16 coins and 1 dollar. QED.

How many quarters to 1 gallon?

you don't even make sense, you have no friends 4 quarts to a gallon idiot 4 quarters to one dollar you can put like a thousand quarters in a gallon jug

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In a military sense, yes. Married or single quarters are housing stock owned by the state for the free or rented use by military personnel.

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It doesn't make sense. It means "eight how many quarters."

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the different sense organs are ears,eyes,nose,mouth

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White light is not "pure", in the sense that it is a mixture of different colors.White light is not "pure", in the sense that it is a mixture of different colors.White light is not "pure", in the sense that it is a mixture of different colors.White light is not "pure", in the sense that it is a mixture of different colors.

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different people may have different opinions but i think it does make sense.

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She was a devout Roman Catholic, and as she was executed for political and religious reasons ( in a sense not too different from the family-plan homicide of the Romanovs) she can be said to have died for the Faith- She is regarded as a Martyr in some quarters.

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In what sense? For its different meanings there are different words.

How many different sense does a human have?


How is different name of parasite?

This no make a sense.

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applying language that usually describes one sense to a different sense

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What is the value of a 1964 silver US nickel?

The only nickels with silver in them were minted during WW2. All others are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. A 1964 nickel is worth face value in circulated condition. Huge numbers of nickels were churned out in 1964 because higher-denomination silver coins were being withdrawn and melted. Nickels and pennies were the only coins that didn't have silver in them so they stayed in circulation. Their low value meant you'd get frequently get a fistful of change because nothing larger was available. Remember, a nickel weighs twice as much as a dime so if they'd both been made of silver back then, a nickel would have been worth as much as 2 dimes, which wouldn't have made a lot of "sense".

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No they do not. In fact they are completely different.

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through nerves