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It depends. There are usually 9 or 10 significant digits after the "0" trunk code. All mobile phones have 10 significant digits following the "0" trunk code. Dialing from outside the UK, the "0" trunk code is replaced with the country code, "44".
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Q: How many digits are there in UK phone number?
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How many digits are there in a UK cell phone number?

UK mobile numbers have a 5-digit code, and a 6 digit subscriber number - making 11 digits in total. All UK mobile numbers start with 07.

Is this telephone number from the UK plus 44 7766?

Yes - the digits +44 indicate the call is from the UK. The next four digits 7766 indicate it is a mobile (cell) phone number.

What is 0777 in UK?

'0777' look like the first four digits of a UK mobile (cell) phone number.

Where in UK is area code07570?

These are the first five digits of a mobile (cell) phone number so could be anywhere in the UK.

Where in UK is areacode 705?

These are the first few digits of a mobile (cell) phone number so could be anywhere in the UK.

How many numbers does a UK home number have?

UK home phone numbers have 9 or 10 digits after the 0 trunk code. The digit after the 0 is a 1 or a 2.

Where in UK 44701 code belongs to?

This is the first few digits of a mobile (cell) phone number.

Where is Phone number 448203871?

The number is incomplete ! At first glance - it looks like a UK number (44 is the IDD code for the UK). However - there are insufficient digits for it to be a legitimate number.

Where in the UK is dialling code 0754?

These are the first four digits of a mobile (cell) phone number, so could be anywhere in the UK.

2348066077709 is this phone number from UK?

Nope... +234 indicates it's a number originating in Nigeria. The next two digits (80) means it's a mobile (cell) phone number. The international code for the UK is +44.

Where in the UK is area code 0753?

ALL UK numbers beginning with the digits 07 - are mobile (cell) phones. They have no specific area.

How do you call a US cell phone from a UK cell phone?

Calling the US is always the easiest of international calls to make. From a cell phone you must first dial the + symbol and the number 1 into the phone. Your dial out number should read +1, the area code (3 digits), then the phone number (7 digits).

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