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Q: How many digits the reference number for western union?
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How many numbers is western union reference number?


How many digits in the control number for western union?

the ans is 10 digit

How many digits for a western union money transfer number?


How do i see if the reference numbers are good i got for western union?

The fact that the person giving it to you called it a "reference number" and not an "MTCN/Money Transfer Control Number" (the term used by Western Union themselves) is not a good sign.Valid MCTNs are 10 digits, but the only way to know for sure if one is "good" is to contact Western Union. You need the MCTN (and a valid ID) to pick up the funds, but you can also track the transfer on Western Union's website if you have the MCTN. If the website can't find the MCTN you were given, that's a very bad sign.

How many digits are there in city union bank account number?

There are 8 digits in a City Union Bank checking account number. Every account will have its own unique number.

How many digits are in an Indian overseas bank savings account number?

15 digits (the first four digits is the branch code)

What do the 10 Western Union control code number look like?

With serial number 6395-408AK this is what a western union code looks like.

Can you inquire in western union about the control number?


How many numbers in a western union tracking number?

Western Union Money Transfer Control Numbers (MTCN #) are 100 numbers long.

The number of Union Territories along the Western eastern coasts?


I have a phone no. I would like to know if it belongs to western union 234 8053369733?

Using a different phone than your own, call the number. If your phone rings, then it is your number. If the phone is answered by a Western Union clerk, than it is not your number.

How many number of union territories along with western and eastern coast?