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Q: How many dimensions does a rectangular box have?
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How many cube does a rectangular prism?

It depends on the dimensions of the rectangular prism.

What are the dimensions of a rectangular box with a volume of 50b3 75b2 - 2b - 3?


How do you find the height of a rectangular box given the width and length?

You cannot. There is no relationship between the height and the other two linear dimensions of a box.

What instrument measures the volume of a rectangular box?

There is not an instrument designed to measure the volume of a rectangular box. You would use a ruler or tape measure or similar to measure its linear dimensions and a brain to multiply them together.

How many vertices does rectangular prism have?

A rectangular prism can be thought of as a rectangular box, which has eight vertices.

The volume of a ball is 288 cm find the dimensions of a rectangular box to hold the ball?

4, 6, and 12

What are the dimensions of rectangular lot if the perimeter is 90m and the area is 450m2?

The dimensions of the rectangular lot are: 30m by 15m

What are the dimensions of two rectangular prisms with the same surface area?

Given the surface area of a rectangular prism, there are infinitely many rectangular prisms possible.

How many cubes are in a rectangular prism?

Depends on the dimensions of the prism, and how large of cubes they are.

How many faces vertices and edges does a rectangular box have?

A rectangular box has 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges.

What is the formula for finding the dimensions of a rectangular?

The word "rectangular" is an adjective, not a noun. So, a "rectangular" cannot exist. The question is like asking for the dimensions of a blue. What you need to do is specify rectangular WHAT! A rectangular pyramid, a rectangular prism, a rectangular dipyramid or some other shape.

What are rectangular dimensions?

length and width

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