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20 cents is 2 dimes

20 dollars is 200 dimes.

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Q: How many dimes are in 20?
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How many dimes equal 20?

Umm...20 dimes equal 20. Now, if you mean, "How many dimes equal 20 cents, 2; 20 dollars, 200.

How many dimes make 20 dollars?

200 dimes of course.

How many dimes are in 12 toonies?

20 dimes are in 12 toonies.

How many dimes equal two dollars?

20 dimes equal $2.

How many rolls of dimes would make 20 dollars?

One roll of dimes is 5 dollars. Therefore it would take 4 rolls of dimes to make 20 dollars.

How many dimes in 40 nickels?

There are no dimes in nickels, but 20 dimes have the same purchasing value as 40 nickels have.

The height of a stack of dimes varies directly with the number of dimes in the stack A stack of 4 dimes is 5.4 mm tall How many dimes are in a stack that is 27 mm tall?

20 dimes

How many dimes are there in 2 dollars?


How many dimes in a quarter of weed?


If you have 20 nickels and 20 dimes how many quarters do you have?

As the question is stated, the answer is none (or indeterminate). If you are asking how many quarters have the same value as 20 nickels and 20 dimes, then the answer is 12 (because you have 20*0.05+20*0.10=$3.00, and $3.00/$0.25=12).

How many dimes are in 10 toonies?

The answer is 200 dimes. Your Welcome.

If you have 3.00 in dimes and nickels. The number of dimes you have is the same number of nickels. How many of each type of coin do you have?

20 dimes = 2.00 20 nickels = 1.00 Total = 3.00

40 nickels equals how many dimes?


How many quarters are in 20 dimes?

8 quarters :]

How many dimes are in 1 quarter?

Two and a half. In other words, two dimes and one nickel. 10+10=20 20+5=25

How many dimes are in 20.00 dollars?

There are 10 dimes in a dollar. 20 x 10 = 200

How many dimes are in 2.40?


Suzy has 3.20 in nickels dimes and quarters If she has 3 times as many dimes as quarters and eight more nickels than dimes how many coins of each does she have?

4 Qs 12 Dimes 20 Nickles

Jill has 3.50 in nickels and dimes If she has 50 coins how many of each type of coin does she have?

20 dimes and 30 nickles.

20 nickels equal how many dimes?


What is 2 dimes equal to?

1 dime = 10 cents 2 dimes x 10 cents = 20 cents 2 dimes is 20 cents :)

How many dimes do you need to make 20 dollars?

200 of course !

Value of a pound of dimes?

$20 or 200 dimes

20 dimes plus 20 nickels equals how many quarters?

12 quarters. 20 dimes= 2 dollars, and 20 nickels= 1 dollar. 3 dollars, multiplied by 4 because of the quarters, is 12 quarters

Karen has 20 coins worth 1.35 the coins are all nickels and dimes how many of each coin does she have?

13 nickels 7 dimes