How many dimes equal two dollars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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20 dimes equal $2.

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Q: How many dimes equal two dollars?
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If a dollars worth of dimes is divided into two equal groups how many dimes will be in each group?

A dime is worth 10 cents each, or $0.10. This means that there are 10 dimes in a dollar. If these dimes are split into two equal groups, then 10/2 = 5 dimes per group.

How much 20 dimes equal?

20 dimes = 20*10 cents = 200 cents = 2 dollars.

How many dimes and nickels are in four dollars and 95 cents?

First subtract the dollars, then get rid of the quarters. This leaves two dimes.

How many nickes equal two dimes and one quarter?


How many nickels equal 7 dimes?

Two nickels equal the value of one dime, therefore fourteen (14) nickels would equal the value of seven (7) dimes.

How many dimes make 200 dollars?

two thousand 200 / 0.10 = 2,000

How many dimes in two thousand dollars?

One dollar is equivalent to ten dimes, so for any give dollar amount, the number of dimes is ten times that. Two thousand times ten is twenty thousand.

How to make two Dollars out of bimes?

20 dimes are needed to make $2

How many rows of dimes make 2.00?

Ten dimes equals $1.00, so Twenty dimes would equal $2.00 ... two rows of ten times would do it. A roll of dimes contains $5 when rolled by a merchant or bank.

8 coins that equal a dollar?

Two quarters,four dimes and two nickels equal a dollar.

Does 2 dimes equal 2 fourths of a dollar?

No. It equals fifty cents or half a dollar. Two dimes equal one fith of a dollar.

How many dimes and nickels combined does it take to make twenty dollars?

Anywhere from two nickels and 199 dimes to 398 nickels and one dime with a few hundred combinations in between.