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Q: How many distinct triangles can be constructed by connecting three different vertice's of a cube?
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If mA 45 AB 10 and BC 8 the greatest number of distinct triangles that can be constructed is?

Two distinct triangles can be constructed. This is determined by the method of the Ambiguous Case.

How many distinct triangles are there given?

It depends on the question you are asked. There are never 3 distinct triangles; there can only be 0,1, or 2 distinct triangles. Idk if that helps because the question is kinda general.

What are distinct triangles?

If two objects are distinct, it means they are not equal, or in otherwords: not the same. If someone has said to you: "make two distinct triangles" just make two differend ones.

How many distinct triangles are there in a 3 by 3 square?


which is the inverse of the following conditionalAll scalene triangles have three angles with distinct measures.?

If a triangle is not scalene, then the triangle does not have three angles with distinct measures.

How many triangles are in a pentagon with a star shape in the middle of the pentagon?

there are 35 triangles in a pentagon with a pentagram inside. We can see that there are seven different distinct types of triangles(you can cout them). Since you can rotate the triangle in five different ways we do 7*5 do i knw u telephone by lady gaga tik tok by k

What is the difference between an arc and a chord?

If you take two distinct points on a curve, the arc is the part of the curve connecting the two points while the chord is the straight line connecting them.

How many distinct triangles can be constructed by choosing three vertices from among the corners of a unit cube?

The cube has 8 vertices.The number of ways to construct a triangle is (8 x 7 x 6) = 336 .But there are 6 ways to wind up with the same triangle.So the number of distinct ones is ( 8! )/( 5! x 3! ) = 56 .

What is a distinct power?

distinct power i s when power is shun from different parts and u are able to c it divided and distinct the different properties it poseses

What is the distinct of a chameleon?

"Distinct" is an adjective meaning different or separate. A chameleon does not have a distinct because a distinct isn't a thing that an animal can have.

Is there any ribs near the heart shaped different then the others?

Every pair of ribs has a distinct shape. An expert could easily tell which one was which. Those near the heart also have the distinction of connecting to the sterum (breast bone).

Tabulate the distinct characteristics of the different of phyla of algae?

tabulate the distinct characteristic of the different phyla of algae

You are given a side length of 7 centimeters. How many equilateral triangles can you construct using this information?

There is only one distinct triangle.

What are distinct integers?

Integers are whole numbers, positive, negative or zero. Distinct merely means different.

Is separate the same as distinct?

if something is separate from something else it is another thing and not related to the thing you're comparing it with. if things are distinct/distinctly different, then the reason they are different is because these things have a 'distinct difference'

What is a distinct number?

it is different numbers

What is a word similar to different?


Why would association management be considered as distinct?

Association Management can be considered distinct for many different reasons. The primary reason that Association Management is considered distinct is because it is a specific or distinct part of management.

What type of faces does a hexahedron have?

It is a solid shape with six faces. There are seven topologically distinct convex shapes and three concave ones. The faces can be triangles, quadrilaterals or pentagonal.

What is a distinct point?

Distinct point means a point is different from something similar or another point. The definition of the word distinct is something that is well defined and easily distinguishable.

What are distinct prime factors?

Distinct prime factors are the prime factors that are distinct (or different) from each other. A list of distinct prime factors is a list of one of each different prime number that is a factor. For example, the prime factors of 8 are 2, 2, and 2. The only distinct prime factor is 2, which occurs multiple times.

What does distinct mean in education?

The word distinct means recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type.

What is a 8 letter word for different?


How did Raphael infused a distinct personality into each of his portraits?

Using different poses for different subjects.

Raphael infused a distinct personality into each of his portraits by?

using different poses for different subjects