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If a triangle is not scalene, then the triangle does not have three angles with distinct measures.

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Q: Which is the inverse of the following conditionalAll scalene triangles have three angles with distinct measures.?
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Are the angle measures of similar triangles different?

for two similar triangles , their corresponding angles are equal.

What do you look for if you want to classify a triangle?

Classifying triangles is a great skill to know.Acute Triangles: These are triangles with measures lessthan 90 degrees.Obtuse Triangles: Any triangle with measures greater than 90 Degrees.Right Triangle: Any triangle with a Right Angle (exactly 90 degrees)

How many triangles have the angle measures 30 65 85?

As many as you like but they will all be scalene triangles

Is the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle always 180?

Yes - in the case of triangles in Euclidian geometry. That is, basically triangles in a plane.

If an angle bisector of an isosceles triangle yields two isosceles triangles what were the angle measures of the original triangle?

they would be congruent triangles!

Congruent triangles have the same shape and size because they will always have the same?

Congruent Triangles have the same angles and side length measures

Do acute triangles have any measures greater than ninety degrees?

No only obtuse triangles have a measure over 90 degrees:)

Triangles are congruent if they have the same what?

Triangles are congruent if the lengths of their corresponding sides as well as the measures of their corresponding angles are the same.

Is the measures of corresponding angles in similar triangles the same?

No, I learned that in 6th grade

What triangle has angles that measures 45 an 45 and 90 degrees?

Right triangles.

What instrument measures triangles?

The instrument for measuring the angles of a triangle is called a protractor.

What geometric figures do not have any right angles or angles whose measures are larger than a right angle?

All triangles that are not right triangles.