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You'd need about 233 one-dollar bills.

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Q: How many dollar bills stack to make one inch?
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How High would you have to stack 100 dollar bills to make 1 billion dollars?

You'd better find a tall ladder: the stack would be 3,583.33 feet tall.

How thick is a 100000 US Dollars in 100 dollars bill?

4.3 inches, most heist movies make it seem like it would fill up a briefcase and such but it doesn't. In 20 dollar bills it is 21.5 inches, in 10 dollar bills it is 43 inches, in 5 dollar bills it is 86 inches, and in 1 dollar bills it is 430 inches. A dollar bill is .0043 inches so in turn to make a stack a mile long it would takeover 14 million bills.

show two different ways to make 17$ using 1 dollar bills ' 5 dollar bills and 10 dollar bills?


How many ten dollar bills make one hundred?

If you have ten, ten dollar bills you will have one hundred dollars. If you have 100 ten dollar bills, you will have 100 ten dollar bills...

How many 20 dollar bills make 100.00?

Five 20 dollar bills makes 100 dollars.

Does it take 20 dollars to make 1000 dollars?

No, you can do it all in 100 dollar bills or 5 dollar bills.

How tall is a stack of one billion dollars in one dollar bills?

Theoretically, 67.866 miles. If any bill is not compressed any further than its "normal" thickness of 0.0043 inches (0.11 mm), then one billion bills would make a stack of 4.3 million inches (67.8 miles).

Do they make twenty-nine dollar bills?


Did the USA make 3 dollar bills?


Do they still make fifty dollar bills?


How many bills to make one hundred thousands dollar?

It would take one hundred thousand dollar bills to make one hundred thousand dollars.

Does the government still make 500 dollar bills?


How many 10 dollar bills make a million dollars?


The national debt is approaching 10 Trillion dollars If you had an acre of land of 100 dollar bills equal to your national debt how high in would your money be?

Given that it takes about 10 bills to make a square foot and an acre of land is 43,560 square feet. So individual 100 dollar bills on an acre would total 43,560,000. (1000x43,560). 10 trillion divided by 43,560,000 equals 229,568. Given that a stack of 100 bills equals one half of an inch and 229,568 stacks would give you 2295.68 halves of an inch. 2295.68 divided by 24 would give you the amount of feet=approx 96 feet

How many quarters do you need to make a stack one inch?

s lot of it

Do birds use dollar bills to help make their nest?

I know it sounds crazy but I heard birds rip up dollar bills up to help make their nests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many 100 dollar bills make 500000?

Five thousand - one hundred dollar bills make $500,000.

How large is one billion dollars in 100 dollar bills?

Each bill is 0.0043 inches (0.11 mm) thick, and there are 10 million $100 bills in $1 billion. So 10 million bills stacked up would make a stack 43,000 inches -- or about 2/3 mile -- high.

How much room does it require to store 50000 dollars in US 100 dollar bills?

Not much. Storing $50000 in hundred-dollar bills would require 500 bills. Current US banknotes are 0.11 mm thick on average so 500 would make a stack only 500 × 0.11 = 55 mm high. All bills have horizontal dimensions of 156 × 66.3 mm so you could easily hold the entire stack in one hand. For comparison, that's (very) roughly the volume of four packs of playing cards.

How many 20 dollar bill would make 500?

You would need 500 bills to make 500 bills.

Where do they make dollar bills?

Dollar bills are made at places like banks.

How many one hundred dollar bills to make 350000.00?

You need 3500 $100 bills.

How many ten dollar bills does it take to make one million dollars?

100,000 bills

How many 20 dollar bills make one million?

One millon divided by 20

How do you make one dollar in different ways?

You can earn a Dollar by working for anybody willing to pay you, you can sell something for a dollar, or you can make a Dollar by working at the mint where they print Dollar bills.