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There are ten dimes to the dollar. Therefore, 150 ÷ 10 = 15 dollars.

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Q: How many dollars will I have if I have 150 dimes?
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Related questions

How many dimes make 15 dollars?

10 dimes = 1 dollar10 x 15 = 150150 dimes = 15 dollars

How many dollars is 150 dimes?

The answer: $15 Every 10 dimes makes a dollar, so you divide 150 by 10 to find the answer: 150/10 = 15

How many dimes in 10 dollars?

There are 100 dimes in $10

What is 150 dimes in money?

150 dimes in money is 150 dimes...since dimes are money, too. or if you mean how many dollars... divide by 10...15 dollars 5 dollar bills? 3 five dollar bills quarters? 60 quarters. nickles? 300 nickles pennies? 1500 pennies All in all....It is all worth $15

How many dimes in ten dollars?

A hundred dimes in ten (10) dollars.

How many dimes make 8 dollars?

10 dimes is one dollar. 80 dimes is 8 dollars

How many dimes are in 3 dollars?

since there are 10 dimes in 1 dollar there are 30 dimes in 3 dollars.

How many dimes in 8590 dollars?

859 dimes are in 8,590 dollars

If there are 150 nickels and dimes and 70 more are nickels than dimes how many of each are there?

If there are 150 nickles and dimes and 70 more are nickles than dimes how many of each are there?

How many grooves on the edge of a U.S. dime?

The grooves are called Reeds. Dimes have 118 of them, Quarters have 119. And Half Dollars have 150.

How many dimes are in 55 dollars?

a dime = 10 cents, there 10 dimes in a dollar. 55 dollars x 10 dimes = 550 dimes

How many dimes are in one hundred dollars?

There are 10 dimes in one dollar, so there are 1,000 dimes in 100 dollars.

How many dollars make 490 dimes?

49 dollars makes 490 dimes.

How many dimes are in three hundred and fifteen dollars?

there are 3150 dimes in 315 dollars

How many dimes in 40 dollars?

1 dollar = 10 dimes so 40 dollars = 40*10 = 400 dimes.

How many dimes are in 348 dollars?

There are ten dimes in a dollar. Therefore, 348 dollars is equal to 348 x 10 = 3480 dimes.

How many dimes are in 17 dollars?

17 dollars is equivalent to 170 dimes. 1 dollar= 10 dimes. 10•17= 170.

How much would a 5 gallon bucket of dimes be worth?

How many dimes are in said 5 gallon bucket...100 dollars

How many dimes are in 28.00?

280 dimes are in 28 dollars.

How many dimes are in a billion dollars?

10 billion dimes.

How many dimes are in 4?

40 dimes=4 dollars

How many dimes equal eight dollars?

80 dimes

How many dimes does it take to make 50 dollars?

Dime = 0.1 dollars 50 dollars/0.1 dollars = 500 dimes

How many dimes makes up 10 dollars?

10 dimes per dollar so 10 dollars=100 dimes

How many rolls of dimes would make 20 dollars?

One roll of dimes is 5 dollars. Therefore it would take 4 rolls of dimes to make 20 dollars.