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i would say about 600 million

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Q: How many domestic dogs in world 400 million 600 million or 800 million?
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How many domestic dogs in the world?


Why are dogs the most common domestic pet?

There are many in this world, I guess.

how many dogs are in the world not pupies?

There are more than 900 million dogs

How many dogs are their in the US?

there are 400 million in the world, and over 9 million in the usa

How many dogs and cats are there in the world?

more than a million.

How many dogs and cats are born in a day around the world?

over i million

How Many Yaks are there in the world?

it is known that there are 12 million domestic Yaks in Central Asia, the rest of the world, dont know

How many pure breed and crossbreed dogs exist in the world?

way over a million

How many domestic dogs are there in the world?

about 256.831? remember man thats just an estimate but i think its pretty coll for sure.

How many cats are there in theworld?

There are about 200 million cats in the world. About 75 million of those cats live in the United States. This only includes domestic cats and not tigers, pumas, or lions.

How Many dogs are there in Russia?

12222222227455254 million

How many dogs are in the US?

70 million