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3/4 dozen or 0.75 dozen.

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Q: How many dozens are in 3 fourths dozen?
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How much is three fourths of two dozens?

48 I think... 2 dozen = 24 so 3/4 x 24 = 18

How many dozen are in 36?

There are 3 dozens in 36. Since 12 makes a dozen just divide. 36/12 and you will get 3.

How many dozens of eggs are there in 3500 eggs?

291 & 2/3 dozen

What is three fourths of a dozen?

3/4 of 12 is 9.

Number of eggs in 3 dozens?

36 eggs = 3 dozen

What items are bought in a dozen?

DozenDefinition of Dozen * A group of 12 items is called a dozen. More about Dozen * A 'baker's dozen' is 13, one more than a proper dozen. Examples of Dozen * Lara bought 1 dozen of oranges. That means she bought 12 oranges. * Sheena bought 3 dozens of pencils. That means she bought (3 x 12 =) 36 pencils. Solved Example on Dozen Nathan has 5 dozens of cookies. How many cookies make 5 dozens?Choices:A. 60B. 48C. 30D. 50Correct Answer: ASolution:Step 1: 1 dozen = 12 itemsStep 2: 5 dozens = 5 × 12 = 60Step 3: So, 60 cookies is equivalent to 5 dozens. Related Terms for Dozen * Group * ROSES * EGGS

What does 3 dozens equal?

A dozen is 12, 12 TIMES 3 = 36

How many eggs is three fourths of one dozen?

3/4 x 12 eggs= 9 eggs

How much is three fourths of a dozen Rolls how many rolls is that?

Do you know that a 'dozen ' is 12 . -One fourth of 12 is 3, therefore, 3/4 equals 9.

Are there 3 dozen are in 1 bushel?

I don't think their are 3 dozens in 1 bushel

How many dozen in 108?

A dozen = 12 so the answer is 108 divided by 12. Get your calculator out. This ain't no free homework answer service! :)

Why are eggs packed in dozens instead of ten per package?

So you can sell a half dozen (6), a third of a dozen (4) or a quarter of a dozen (3).

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