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Do you know that a 'dozen ' is 12 . -One fourth of 12 is 3, therefore, 3/4 equals 9.

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9 rolls

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Q: How much is three fourths of a dozen Rolls how many rolls is that?
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How many rolls of 4 can you get with two dice?

You can get three rolls of four with two dice.

Sarah took 12 rolls of film on her vacation three rolls were of slide film which fraction of rolls of film was of slide film?

3/12= 1/4 So 1/4 of her rolls of film were slide film

What are the three classes of yeast bread?

Breads, rolls, & doughnuts

Which is taller and which is tallest in Porsche and Ferrari and Rolls-Royce?

Of those three, Rolls-Royce would undoubtedly stand highest.

What is three fourths of a dozen?

3/4 of 12 is 9.

If you have ten rolls of film and three rolls are bad and you need to use 2 rolls of film what are the chances that you use 2 bad rolls of film assuming you don't know which ones are bad?

There is a 6.667% chance (one in 15) of that happening. Math: p = (3/10)*(2/9) = .06667

What is a three- dimensional shapes that rolls and slides and has 2 faces?

a cone

What is the probability of rollling a 5 3times ina row?

With a fair die, it is 1/216 in three rolls, but the probability increases to 1 (a certainty) as the number of rolls is increased.

In the game of Yahtzee do you get 3 rolls to get a yahtzee?

Yes. In Yahtzee you get three rolls to get whatever you are trying for.You can only do each thing once except for getting a Yahtzee

What are three classes of yeast breads?

Breads, rolls, & doughnuts

How does the size of the wheels affect the distance of a toy car rolls down a ramp. hypothesis?

There are three possible hypotheses:Smaller wheels means car rolls slower.Wheel size makes no difference.Smaller wheels means car rolls faster.Take your pick and then use the data to test your hypothesis.

What is the probability that 12 rolls of a fair die will show three ones?

It is approx 0.1974

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