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Q: How many drinks of glucerna can you have per day?
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How many boost nutritional drinks can you get per day?


How many soft drinks are sold per day at McDonalds?


How many drinks do you have per day?

If your talking water, I drink around 6 glasses a day. Which is 250ml per drink.

If a restaurant sells 210 pizzas per day and wants a ratio of 3 drinks sold per pizza how many drinks would they need to sell?

210x3=630 drinks

How many ensure drinks can you have per day?

Dont worry you wont die

Adrina drinks 28 glasses of water per week how many glasses does she drink per day?

28/7 = 4 glasses per day

If they sold 2114 drinks in 2 hours about how many drinks did they sell per hour?

157 drinks per hour

How much water a house drinks per day?

A horse drind 10 gallons of water per day

How much does a hummingbird eat per day?

A Hummingbird drinks nectar, not pollen. As for how much nectar one drinks per day, I believe it is equal to (or more than) the Hummingbird's body weight.

What is the low risk drinking limit for a man per day?

No more than 4 drinks

What is the average number of drinks per day?

The average number of drinks drunk by an average thirst man is about 7, depending on if its a hot day or not.

How many 12oz cans of soda would a boy drink in a week if he drank 34oz per day?

19.833 cans in a 7-day period.The boy drinks 34oz per day. 7 days are there in a week.So, the boy drinks 34 * 7 = 238 ounces per week.12 oz are there in a bottle.So, 238 ounces will be 19 full bottles and 0.833 oz.The boy drinks 19 bottles and 0.833 oz.Source: