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A pentagonal prism has 15 edges.

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Q: How many edges does a pentaganal prisam have e?
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Any hexahedron has how many faces vertices and edges?

A hexahedron has six faces (F). It can have 9 to 12 edges (E). The number of vertices, V, is determined by the Euler characteristic, which gives V = E + 2 - F or V = E - 4

If you have 20 vertexes and 30 edges how many faces do you have?

According to the Euler characteristic for polyhedra, V + F = E + 2 where V = Vertices (not vertexes), F = Faces and E = Edges. So F = 12

If a shape has 14 corners and 10 faces how many edges would it have?

By Euler's formula for the relationship between the number of Vertices, Faces and Edges of a polyhedron, V + F = E + 2 so 14 + 10 = E + 2 so that E = 22.

If a polyhedron has 5 faces and 5 vertices how many edges are there?

You can find this by using Euler's Formula which states: V + F = E + 2 V stands for the number of Vertices F stands for the number of Faces E stands for the number of Edges Plugging in 5 for both F and V we get: 5+5=E+2 10=E+2 8=E Which means there would be 8 edges.

How do you spell the word edges?


How many edges does a gemstone with 10 faces and 12 vertices have?

Euler can help you answer this question. Euler's formula says number of faces plus number of vertices minus the number of edges equal 2. In symbols we write F+V-E=2. So in this case we have 10+12-E=2 So E=20 and there are twenty edges.

How many edges a quadrangular prism have?

A quadrangular prism is a "box". There are 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges. BTW, this satisfies Euler's Formula of F + V = E + 2.

How many edges are in a polyhedron?

Euler's formula is:V + F - E= 2V = the number of vertices, each point where three or more edges intersect.E = the number of edges, each intersection of the faces.F = the number of faces, each plane polygon.

Polyhedron has 10 vertices and 10 edges how many faces?

Such a polyhedron cannot exist. According to the Euler characteristics, V + F - E = 2, where V = vertices, F = faces, E = edges. This would require that the polyhedron had only two faces.

What is the one word substitute for the overhanging edges of the roof that starts with E?

The word for the overhanging edges of a roof is eaves.

How many vertices edges faces does a polyhedra have?

A polyhedron is a generic term for 3 dimensional objects which are bounded by polygonal faces. They can have 4 or more vertices, 6 or more edges and 4 or more faces. The numbers of vertices (V), edges (E) and faces (F) must also satisfy the Euler characteristic: F + V = E + 2.

A pentagonal prism has 7 faces and 10 verticeshow many edges does it have?

f + v -2 = e 17-2 = 15