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Edges: 8

Faces: 5

Vertices: 5

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2012-03-17 16:36:04
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Q: How many edges faces and vertex does a square faced triangle?
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How many faces does a square faced triangle?

None. A square triangle is an oxymoron - it cannot exist!

What is a four faced triangle called?

a four faced triangle is called a tetrahedron

What is a three faced triangle?


What is the name of a 5 faced triangle?


What is a 13 faced 3D shape called?

Gyroelongated square pyramid, It contains 13 faces, 9 vertices and 20 edges. Please, go to the link provided below the answer, to its figure.

WHAT IS A 5 3D sided shape called?

An example of a common five faced three dimensional shape is the square pyramid. There are no three dimensional shapes with five edges.

How many faces vertices and edges does a parallelogram have?

It is a flat faced 4 sided quadrilateral that has 4 vertices.

How many edges an face do a kite have?

A kite is a 4 sided quadrilateral with a flat faced surface area

Is a square a tetragon or a tetrahedron?

A square is a tetragon whereas a tetrahedron is 4 faced pyramid

What is a figure with 5 faces 8 edges 4 corners?

Triangular pyramid. Only 4 faced solid.* * * * *True, it is the only 4 faced solid but the question is about a five faced solid, anyway!However, there is no simply connected solid with the above numbers becasue they do not satisfy the Euler characteristic. This requires that Faces + Vertices (corners) = Edges + 2

What solid has a hexagon as a base and a triangle as a face?

The 7-faced solid is called a "hexagonal pyramid."

What is a 15 edged and 7 faced shape?

A heptahedron is a polyhedron with 7 faces, and you can make one with 15 edges.

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