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12,tinatanong nyo ang dali!!

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Q: How many eggs can you put in a dozen egg tray?
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How many egg can you put in a dozen egg tray?

Dozen = 12 You can put 12 eggs in a dozen egg tray.

What is an egg tray?

An egg tray is a tray with eggs on it. In my opinion, deviled eggs would be best on an egg tray. This is what an egg tray is, for all those weird people out there.

How many egg's in 1 dozen?

12 eggs = 1 dozen

How many eggs in an emu egg?

An emu egg is worth the equivalent of about a dozen chicken eggs.

How many egg are in 8 dozen?

98 eggs

How many egg are there in 16 dozens?

there are 192 eggs in 16 dozen.

How many eggs does it take to make a dozen?

it takes 12 eggs to make a dozen A dozen eggs is the same as twelve eggs. If you have 12 eggs you formaly have a dozen. It takes 24 eggs to make a dozen two-egg omlettes. Depending on your recipe, it may take anywhere from 4 to 12 eggs to make a dozen glasses of eggnog.

How many eggs are there in 9 dozen eggs sandwiches?

Assuming that there is 1 egg in each sandwich there would be 108 eggs.

If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half how many would it take to make a dozen?

It takes 12 eggs to make a dozen. If 1.5 chickens produce 1.5 eggs, then 1 chicken produces 1 egg, and it takes 12 chickens to produce 1 dozen eggs.

How much does one egg cost if eggs sell for 1.08 a dozen?

If eggs sell for 1.08 per dozen, then 12 eggs cost 1.08. 1.08 divided by 12 is $0.09, the cost of one egg.

How many spiders are in a egg sak?

Spiders differ in how many eggs they lay. Some spiders may lay a dozen, other can lay thousands of eggs.

What is the rate for 1 dozen eggs for 2.64?

22 cents an egg.

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