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9 eggs

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Q: How many eggs would you need to make omelets for 6 people if you use 6 eggs to make omelets for 4 people?
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What can you make for breakfast that you have to use eggs?

You can make omelets, breakfast casseroles, frittatas, souffles, quiches, french toast, and eggs benedict. Eggs can be prepared by frying, boiling, baking and poaching.

What can be used with eggs to make omelets?

Well, there is loads of different things that can be used here r sum: Cheese Ham Bacon

Do Germans make omeletes?

Yes, Germans make omelets

What is the definition of the word demenstraded?

Did you mean "demonstrated"? If so, demonstrated means showed. "He showed them how to make omelets." / "He demonstrated to them how to make omelets." infinitive: to demonstrate

How would you divide 10 eggs equally among 7 people?

Make an omelet or scrambled eggs.

Why do you think that milk or cream is sometimes added in the preparation of scrambled eggs?

Milk or cream is added to scrambled eggs to make them lighter and fluffier. You simply whisk in the milk or cream into the eggs, then scramble them as usual. You will notice a big difference in them. This can also be used when making omelets.

What are the ingredients to make scrambled eggs?

You need eggs, or egg whites, or egg substitute. You should also add milk, or alternatively water, so that the eggs come out fluffy. Other optional ingredients are butter, salt, and pepper. You can mix in ham, cheese, onions, potatoes, and other items, to make either scrambled eggs or omelets.

How do you make tuna omelette?

Well most omelets are with eggs so I just do it this way First I get 2 eggs and put them in a pan Remember to break the yolk When it is flat just and tuna on one side fold the egg and leave it to cook for 5min and you're done

Why do you use eggs to make cookies?

If you didn't have eggs your cookies would crumble.

How many eggs would you need to make 21 dozens?

Formula: 1 dozen eggs equals 12 eggs 12 X 21 = 252 You would need 252 eggs to make 21 dozen.

Why do you need to use eggs when cooking?

Eggs make the cooking rise, say you had a cake. If there were no eggs in it it would be flat

Why did different people have different reason for eating eggs?

There are cultural reasons for why people eat eggs. People in some cultures believe that eggs make a person stronger, while others view eggs as a status symbol.

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