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Make an omelet or scrambled eggs.

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2012-02-27 10:24:17
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Q: How would you divide 10 eggs equally among 7 people?
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How would you divide ten eggs equally among seven people?

Create scrambled eggs or an omelet, everyone will get a portion

How would you share 108.00 equally among 4 people?


If you have 5 potatoes and had to divide them equally to three people what would you do?

Make chips, mash them.

How do you share shares in a new company of 5?

In order to share shares equally within a company, one would need to divide the shares equally among the initial shareholders. If there are 5 people with shares in a new company, each person should have 20% of the initial shares.

If you had 2 pieces of licorice to share equally among 3 people how much licorice would each person get?

They would each get two thirds of a piece.

How much will each friend receive if 31.25 is to be split equally among them?

The answer depends on how many friends there are. If there were two friends, for example, they would each get $15.62 (besides one penny left over); however, if there were five people splitting the money, each would receive $6.25. Just divide $31.25 by the number of people to get the result.

What does divide equally mean?

It means it comes out to an whole number. There would not be a fraction or a decimal point.

4 pounds of candy that will be divided equally among 18 kids?


You won 60000 in the lottery you keep 13 and divide the rest equally among your 5 brothers and your 3 teachers each of their shares amounts to how much?

8x = 5987 x = 748.375 Each teach would get $748.375 dollars.

Is prostate cancer among men is equally as common as breast cancer is among woman?

I would not say prostate cancer is equally common in men as breast cancer in women, but prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

How do you evenly divide one watermelon among 15 people?

The easiest would be to divide it into sixtenths and throw a piece away. Or, First measure the circumference of the watermelon at its thickest part. Then divide that number by 15. The number you get should be the width of each slice at it's widest point. Proceed to cut the watermelon according to your calculations. BAM! you have even division of a watermelon among 15 people.

What are the questions on math steps grade 4 level 4 page 129?

At a picnic you have 10 sandwiches to divide equally among 8 people How many sandwiches will each person getTHINK what would you do with the 2 extra whole sandwichesANSWER 7 sandwichessay right if i got it wrong or say boo if i got it wrong.

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