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8*x=2/4 (2/4)/8 = x 1/16 = x

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Q: How many eights are equal to two fourths?
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What is one fourth equal to?

One Fourth is equal to two eighths.

Is two fourths greater less than or equal to three eights?

1/8 greater

Is three fourths equivalent to two eights?


How many eights are in two and one fourths?

9/4 = 18/8

Is two fourths greater than two eights?


What is 7 eights in its simplest form?

two fourths

How many eights are there in two fourths?

There are 4 because 4/8 = 2/4

Is five eighth greater than two fourths?

Yes. two fourths is four eighths. And five eights is more than four eights.

What is two-fourths times five eights?

Five sixteenths.

How many pages is two and five eights plus three fourths?

3 3/8

What is two and one eights minus one and three fourths?


How many sixths equal two fourths?

Three of them.

Is three fourths greater than two eights?

Yes. Three fourths is three times the size of two eighths.

Does Two thirds equal three fourths?

No, two thirds does not equal three fourths.

How many eighths equal two thirds?

Sixteen eights equal two thirds

What is one and seven eights divided by two and three fourths?


Two eights plus seven fourths equal?

2/8 + 7/4 = 1/4 + 7/4 = 8/4 =2

Is two and three fourths equal to eleven twelfths?

No. Two and three fourths is equal to thirty-two twelfths.

How many eighths is three twelfths equal to?

Three twelfths is equal to one fourth, which is equal to two eights.

What is two fourths divided by three eights?

4/3 or 1 and 1/3

How many ounces equal two and three fourths pound?


Does one fourth equal one half?

No, two one-fourths (two-fourths) equal one half.

Will two one fourths of salt equal one eighth?

Two one-fourths is equal to one-half.

What is two-eights is equal to?


Is four eights equal to two six?