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Q: How many electives do you take in grade 10?
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What is cahsee test?

A test that is for sophomores in the spring to earn a high school diploma. If you haven't pass the test in grade 10, they have more chances to take the test. In grade 10, they take it once. In grade 11, they take it twice. In grade 12, they can take it three times.

Do you have to take math in grade 12?

In Ontario Canada, you do not have to take math in grade 12. You are only required to take math in grades 9, 10, and 11. However, There are several math courses offered in grade 12 and it is recommended that you take at least one because of how many career paths require math.

When do you take EQAO?

you take eqao in grades 3,6,9,10 actually grade 10 is literacy test

How many arrow points do you need to graduate from cub scouts?

You don't need any arrow points. The arrow points are awarded after the Wold and Bear rank badges are earned for doing additional electives (1 arrow point for each 10 electives). They are not required for anything.

Which subjects do you need to have if you want to be a lawyer from grade 10-12?

i thing so english,ecnomics and pak study

How many feet is a 10 percent grade on a hill?

A 10% grade rises 1 foot for every 10 feet that it proceeds horizontally. This can go on for miles.

Can a grade 12 guy take a grade 10 girl as his grad date?

is he known for whoring around? if so, no. if not, sure! ( :

What grade do you take chemistry in?

you mostly take chemistry in your 10th and 11th grade year but for me am taking chemistry in my 8th grade year so i would say 8, 9, 10, and 11th-Abdullahi Artan

How many pages are in tales of a fourth grade nothing?

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing has 120 pages.

How many years is 10th grade to 12 the grade?

can depend if they wanna short cut but in my experience 2 years

How many pages does a grade one book have?

about 10 to 20 pages

How old should you be in each grade level?

if you are in Canada this is the how many years you should be in each grade: grade 1:6 or 7 grade 2:7 or 8 grade 3:8 or 9 grade 4:9 or 10 grade 5:10 or 11 grade 6:11 or 12 grade 7:12 or 13 grade 8:13 or 14 grade 9:14 or 15 grade 10:15 or 16 thank you please comment if you think it is correct