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Aldoheptoses have seven carbon atoms and one chiral center, so they can have a maximum of 2^1 = 2 enantiomers.

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Q: How many enantiomers are possible for the aldoheptoses?
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Why are enantiomers of biological interest?

Mainly because enantiomers have identical physical and chemical properties. However, the difference between two enantiomers can have tremendous impact, especially in biological systems, because many important biological molecules are chiral.

Can glycerol form any enantiomers?

Yes, it can. There are two glycerol enantiomers, depending on the position of OH group on the second carbon atom.

How many stereoisomers of an aldotetrose can exist?

The ring form has 8 enantiomers, the open form 4.

What isomers that are mirror images of each other?

Chiral molecules have mirror-image isomers

What is difference between epimers and enantiomers?

Epimers are those carbons that have "H" and "OH" are present and they can change their position Enantiomers are special type of isomer these are mirror image to each other

What is the term used for a pair of positive and negative isomers?


Chemical compound which are isomers and have same physical and chemical properties?


What is the specific rotation of limonene?

The specific rotation is +123 and -123 degrees for the (+) and (-) enantiomers respectively

What is A mixture of equal amounts of two enantiomers?

its called a racemic mixture and is optically inactive

D-glucose and l-glucose are are examples of what?

According to the Fischer projection formula, they are enantiomers.

D glucose and l glucose are examples of?

According to the Fischer projection formula, they are enantiomers.

What type of species can be separated by HPLC but not by gas liquid chromatography?

mixture of enantiomers can be separated by HPLC