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5faces,8edges and 5vertices

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Q: How many faces does a square-based pyramind have?
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How many faces does a pyramind have?

5 faces

How many faces are in a rectangular pyramind?


How many faces has a square pyramind?

5 :D

How many faces do a triangular pyramind have?

It has four faces. One on bottome and three sides.

How many triangular faces does a square based pyramind have?

A square based pyramid has 4 triangular faces.

How many faces vertices and edges does a triangular pyramind?

Faces: 5 Vertecies: 5 Edges: 8

In a prism what shape are the faces that are not the base?

lateral faces

How many edges do squarebased pyramids have?


Pyramind how many faces edges and corners?

6 faces 12 edges 8 corners The sum equals 26 of all three parts combined.

What has a rectangle base 8 edges 5 faces and 5 vertices?

A Pyramind

How many corners do a pyramind has?

5 corners

What food is shaped like a squarebased pyramid?